7 Questions With… Back of the Net’s Peter Crouch: ‘I’m never going to replicate playing football - as soon as I could walk I was kicking a ball!’

Former footballer, author and podcast host Peter Crouch answers seven burning questions about the new TV show he co-hosts, Back of the Net, coming soon to Amazon Prime Video.

He might have hung up his football boots, but Peter Crouch certainly isn’t resting on his laurels.

The former England footballer, who announced his retirement from professional football in July this year, is back in the world of footie for a new Amazon Prime Video show about the sport that he knows inside out.

Back of the Net, co-hosted by Peter alongside comedian and footie fantatic John Bishop and sports broadcaster Gabby Logan, is a brand new show about the Premier League, released weekly on the streaming service after the weekend’s football.

Speaking to BT TV and other journalists at the launch of the show - which was conducted before he announced his retirement - Peter Crouch reveals why he signed up for the TV show, what fans can expect, and what it’s like working with John and Gabby...

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1.  How was it filming the pilot for Back of the Net?

It was really fun! We’d never done the show, so you don’t really know how it’s gonna go. But it was great. I loved it.

2.  How would you describe the show, and who it's going to appeal to?

We talked about footballers being very guarded, and being quite boring in interviews to be honest, so I think in this show, we’re gonna get good guests on, and we’re gonna put a different sort of spin on football. 

I think you’ll maybe see footballers in a different kind of environment and doing things that you maybe wouldn’t normally see. I think that’s probably the main part of what I like about the show. 

Obviously it will be after the weekend’s football, so it will incorporate reviewing that, but maybe take a different sort of eye on it, rather than the straight reviewing matches. 

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3.  What’s the balance between the three of the hosts, are you all equally hosting it?

Apparently so! Gabby won’t say it herself, but she does hold it together. But we [each] do a bit of presenting, yeah. I think [the autocue] went alright! I can read *laughs*.

4.  Did you know each other previously before working together on the show?

Yeah, Gabby’s interviewed me, and been at World Cups I’ve been at and things like that, and John I knew from being around. So it wasn’t like going in cold.

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5.  How do you see the next few years panning out in terms of your career?

Obviously I’m not getting any younger football-wise, I have to call it a day one day, but it’s so hard to do because it’s all I’ve ever done for so long. 

Last year, I did a book and that did really well, then the podcast I sort of did to promote the book, then that grew legs as well, so that went great. I absolutely love doing the podcast, it’s so much fun, I can’t believe it’s work! I love it. 

So doing that, then obviously getting various offers, then this show jumped out at me because it’s exactly what I like doing. It’s still being involved in football, and being around footballers, but a bit more laid back than the normal commentaries. 

I’m never going to replicate playing [football] because that’s my first love, as soon as I could walk I was playing football. I will still play in some capacity.

I haven’t hung my boots up yet, I’m just trying different things because I know eventually it will come to an end. I’m 38, I feel like I’ve had a good run. A lot of players my age have retired already. 

I did my coaches badges so I dipped my toe into that. I did this sort of stuff last year and found that it’s fun and I probably will do more of it.

6.  Which footballers are you hoping to have on the show as guests?

We’re talking about some really big names in the world game [of football]. I interview one each week, a football legend, and that’ll be away from the show. I’m really excited about that, because a lot of them were my heroes growing up. 

A couple of the names that they’ve told me, I haven’t interviewed them yet. We’ve got some good people in the pipeline, definitely. They are good, I’m not just saying it!

7.  Do you feel nervous meeting those footballing legends?

Yeah I am! Gianluca Vialli was a hero of mine growing up, so when I saw him in a coffee shop recently I couldn’t speak. I’ve met loads of people, but he was big for me growing up. I found it difficult to talk to him, so hopefully I don’t do that!

Back of the Net premieres Tuesday, August 13 on Prime Video. 

New episodes of Back of the Net will then be released on Tuesday evenings after each round of Premier League games.

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