Good Omens season 2: Neil Gaiman and Rob Wilkins reveal whether Aziraphale and Crowley will return

The duo also discuss the possibility of future Terry Pratchett adaptations.

Good Omens premieres on Amazon Prime Video this summer, finally bringing the classic Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novel to the screen.

After 20 years of movie development hell and 8 years spent transforming the story into a six-part TV series, the final result is devilishly good and winning rave reviews from critics.

"For 20 odd years Terry Gilliam was trying to make it into a feature film," Gaiman told BT TV.

Exclusive interview - Neil Gaiman and Rob Wilkins



"About 8 years ago he said to me, the nature of television has changed. Longform television is a different thing, following shows like The Sopranos and he said Good Omens should happen on television. And I’m not the man to do it, because I shoot too slowly.

"We looked for a showrunner and writer, couldn’t find one and Terry asked me to do it."

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But did the process of making Good Omens trigger any ideas for a long-awaited follow-up novel or series? And could Gaiman’s relationship with Amazon Prime Video mean more classic Pratchett stories getting turned into TV series?

Is Good Omens ending with season 1? Will there be a sequel?

Good Omens key art - Launches on Prime Video on May 31st

When asked whether making the show had made him consider a second series, Gaiman said ‘yes’, However, there was a rather large 'but'.

"It also made me realise how I’m not sure whether I could write a Good Omens novel without Terry. Emotionally. I could do it physically.

"There are huge swatches of the TV show now that are just me because Terry wasn’t around.

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"In terms of writing a Good Omens novel, I don’t know whether I could. The emotional wear and tear of trying to do it without Terry and being reminded throughout the process that he is no longer here, would be too hard."

Rob Wilkins who looks after the Pratchett estate with the Discworld writer’s daughter Rhianna, was even more concrete on the idea of a second series.

"The Good Omens we made, had a beginning, middle and end. No day on set did we forget that. We always knew what we were making was Good Omens."

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What about more Terry Pratchett adaptations?

Terry Pratchett

"We, as in me and Terry’s daughter Rhianna, we want to be really careful. Selling the whole farm has never been an option," said Wilkins.

"There would never be a Discworld TV series starting at The Colour of Magic and ending with The Shepherd’s Crown. No matter how wonderful that might be.

"We want to do the right adaptation at the right time. There are things in pre-production and things being filmed this year.

"We have the technology now, which you couldn’t dream about when the guys wrote the book. So as we go forward, let's just continue to be careful and not spill the whole cookie jar on the table."

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Gaiman added: "With Terry we have 70 books. And while I don’t think anyone is going to be making The Unadulterated Cat TV series anytime – I may be wrong on that – I hope that Good Omens gives people a better schematic of translating what Terry did in his novels on to the screen."

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Good Omens is available now on Amazon Prime Video.

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