The Grand Tour Colombia special review: G.A.K, donkeys and rickety old bridges

Clarkson, Hammond and May are at their most mischievous and outrageous in a stunning and epic South American journey.

The last time Clarkson, Hammond and May visited South America for a TV show, they got in so much bother it created an international diplomatic incident.

So on their first trip to the continent for The Grand Tour, have the boys behaved themselves? Don't be silly.

The Grand Tour

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[Read more: Everything you need to know about the Colombia Grand Tour special]

The first part of the highly anticipated Colombia special is an epic exploration of a beautiful country, but it’s also the presenter’s cheekiest episode in a long while, which won't go down well with more easily offended viewers.

However, anyone who has enjoyed the trio's work over the last decade will lap up this perilous, stunning and jaw-dropping journey in the most ecologically diverse country on earth.

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Here are five reasons to watch the Colombia special

1. The preposterous trio of cars

The Grand Tour in Colombia

James May crams into a tiny Fiat Panda 4x4, which is the source of many gags about champagne-swigging socialists from Jeremy.

Jeremy enjoys an ice cream in his Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle which his co-stars point out is very popular in the US LGBT community.

But best of all is Hammond, who arrives via the sea, obviously, in a ludicrous, flame-painted Chevrolet Silverado. Jeremy nicknames it The Donald. The monster-sized pick-up might prove handy in the jungle, but around the small streets of Colombian towns, it doesn’t endear him to the locals.

2. Colombia's beauty

The Grand Tour

For all the gags about the country's infamous history and the boys' usual silliness, you'd struggle to make a more impressive advert for visiting the South American country.

Their trip takes them across beaches, bustling cities, the jungle and beyond. Even less adventurous travellers will surely be tempted by a vacation after the film.

3. A rickety tiny bridge

The Grand Tour in Colombia

If you've seen the trailer for series 3, you'll have seen the moment that Richard Hammond finds himself stranded on the smallest and flimsiest wooden bridge, hundreds of feet above nothing but water and rocks.

What you haven’t seen is all three men's journeys across the crumbling bridge, including a very sweaty and nervous James May and Jeremy's teasing games as he blocks Hammond from getting to safety.

4. The animals

The Grand Tour in Colombia

The purpose of the boys trip to Colombia is to capture some stunning photography of the rich wildlife for use as Amazon screensavers. 'Mr Wilman' wants snaps of a bears, big cats and, bizarrely, a hippo.

What the boys actually find is pigeons, spiders and donkeys. Just don't ever mention the donkeys to Jeremy.

5. Political correctness thrown far, far out the window

The Grand Tour in Colombia

Jeremy Clarkson previewed the Colombia special by promising that they never mention the word cocaine once.

He does keep his word, but from the moment Hammond arrives in a car delivered by G.A.K (Global Auto Kings), they dispense with any idea of towing PC lines.

Perhaps the funniest moment in the episode is when Jeremy labels himself the unfortunate, middle of the road “liberal” of the group. This comes from the man who proposes earlier that the ‘b’ in LGBT might stand for ‘bacon’.

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The Grand Tour: Meet the presenters

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The Grand Tour

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