The Grand Tour series 3 episode 4 review – Pick Up Put Downs: Jags, trucks and toppling dictators

Clarkson, Hammond and May take on some of their silliest challenges yet as they ‘celebrate’ European pick-up trucks.

After travelling across the stunning and beautiful landscape of Colombia, the Grand Tour boys are brought down to earth this week with a Pick Up truck special.

Celebrating the new breed of European pick-ups, which are threatening the US and Japanese establishment, Clarkson, Hammond and May bring their own unique perspective on the vehicle.

The Grand Tour season 3

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Putting their chosen trucks to the test, the trio take on a series of challenges designed to represent different stages in the developing world.

Explosive, chaotic and typically un-PC, the episode is a wild ride that helps everyone finally decide what the number one pick-up truck is. Well, everyone, except James May.

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Here are five reasons to start streaming Pick Up Put Downs

1. Top Trucking

The Grand Tour

The boys put a Volkswagen Amarok (Clarkson) a Ford Ranger (Hammond) and a Mercedes X-class (May) through their paces and even though the challenges may be slightly ridiculous, the power and strength of the vehicles is showcased in style.

2. Exploding helicopters, smashing statues and shooting down barn doors

The Grand Tour

The different pick-up truck challenges were supposed to represent stages in a developing democracy, from rural subsistence, to toppling a dictator and civil war.

Along the way, Clarkson blows up a helicopter, drowns a farm in water and destroys pretty much everything in his path – apart from his Yes viny collection.

The final challenge where the trio have to shoot targets from the back of their moving trucks is vintage Grand Tour as May stumbles, Hammond blunders and Clarkson is generally useless. It's gloriously stupid fun.

3. Who did win the Battle of Britain?

The Grand Tour

Spitfires or Hurricanes? Following the announcement that the future format of The Grand Tour will be very different with more specials and spinoffs for the respective presenters, we can't be the only ones hoping for a series where the presenters sit around and just bicker for an hour.

James May's breadth of historic knowledge and Clarkson’s gusto, even when knowing very little, mean that any debate is worth watching. Now, who did win the Battle of Britain?

4.  The Jaquar XE Project 8

The Grand Tour

"How mad would you have to be?" asks Clarkson, when considering who would buy the latest Jag. It turns out, not mad at all.

Despite quadrupling in price and being built "in a glorified shed in the Midlands", Clarkson falls head over heels for the snorting, swollen, 600-horsepower ride.

5. James May really doesn't like pick-up trucks

The Grand Tour

If he didn’t like them before, after falling over in the back of a moving Mercedes X-class and losing every challenge, he’s even less of a fan.

His point blank refusal to choose one as the best, means, for yet another week, we don’t get Adrian Chiles v Howard from the Halifax advert. The world will just have to keep waiting.

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