The Grand Tour season 3: First look at Jeremy Clarkson’s return

Why has Clarkson switched his stonewash jean for a traffic warden costume?

The first pictures from The Grand Tour season 3 have been revealed, but it’s not clear what Jeremy Clarkson is getting up to in the cheeky snaps.

Clarkson is sporting an elaborate fake moustache and is dressed in a traffic warden costume in the pictures, which were released on the show’s official Facebook page.

The Grand Tour - Facebook

The Grand Tour, which is presented by Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, is available exclusively to Amazon Prime Video customers.

The Grand Tour - Facebook

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Season 3 has been filming around the world with the team spotted in Colombia, Detroit and back at their ‘Eboloadrome’ – named because it matches the shape of the Ebola virus.

Speaking about where he would like the show to film in the future, Clarkson said that he would like to push boundaries, pointing out that they don’t have the same restrictions that they had on the BBC with Top Gear.

“With the BBC, we could never go to Iran – it didn’t even allow the wildly political Ski Sunday in,” said Clarkson.

Grand Tour season 3 - Facebook

(The Grand Tour - Facebook)

“But we can go now; it’s somewhere I’d really like to go. It’s a fantastic job, this: most people have to get cancer before they do their bucket list. But we’ve been doing our bucket list for years.”

Clarkson confirmed that season 3 had begun filming in March – posting a snowy image on Twitter,

The Grand Tour season 3 will launch on Amazon later this year.

Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now for Amazon Prime Video customers.

The Grand Tour

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Photo Credit: The Grand Tour - Facebook

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