Hanna: Meet the cast of the nail-biting, bone-crunching thriller

Esmé Creed Miles, Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos and Rhianne Barreto speak to BT TV about their thrilling new drama series.

Inspired by the 2011 Joe Wright film, Hanna is an edge-of-your-seat gritty thriller about a 15-year-old girl who has grown up in seclusion in Eastern Europe with her father, training as the ultimate survivalist fighter.

The series starts with Hanna’s incredible skills put to the test as she is separated from her father Erik Heller and finds herself on the run from rogue CIA operative Marissa Wiegler,

Action-packed, visceral and original, Hanna should be slotted up at the top of your Must-Watch list immediately.

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Following Hanna’s perilous journey across Europe to reunite with her father and take down Marissa and her numerous deadly allies and fellow agents, the series is a non-stop adventure, packed with emotional and physical challenges for its young lead and a deeply buried conspiracy. Prepare yourself for twists. Lots of them.

Hanna - Esmé Creed-Miles

Esme Creed-Miles in Hanna on Prime Video

Esmé is a newcomer and rising star. She has previously had minor roles in Dark River and Mister Lonely, but she is best known for being the daughter of Samantha Morton and Charlie Creed-Miles.

The 19-year-old underwent a series of fighting and fitness training regimes to prepare for the physical role of the seemingly unstoppable 15-year-old who has grown up in the wilderness.

The character was played in the 2011 film by Saoirse Ronan. Esmé told BT TV that she was a huge fan of Saoirse’s performance, but avoided rewatching the film after she was cast because she didn’t want to disrespect the film version of the character.



Erik Heller - Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman in Hanna

Erik, Hanna’s father, used to be a henchmen for Marissa Weigler and the pair have a complex, dark and intertwined past.
He’s raised Hanna alone and handed down all his fighting and survivalist skills to his daughter, which will prove vital as they are torn apart.

Kinnaman is one of the most popular movie and TV stars in 2019, best known for playing Rick Flag in Suicide Squad, Will Conway in House of Cards, Takeshi Kovacs in Altered Carbon and Stephen Holder in The Killing,

Marissa Wiegler – Mireille Enos

Mireille Enos as Marissa in Hanna

“I love playing the bad guy”, grinned Mireille Enos, when talking about her new role as the spy, who is hunting down Erik and Hanna.
Played by Cate Blanchett in the original movie, Mireille brings some of her own personal fighting training, which came as a surprise to the crew.

“She is a legit martial artist,” Kinnaman told BT.com. “She does a massive fight scene at the end of the show, which is a big one-take scene with three people.”

Mireille and Kinnaman’s chemistry on the show benefits from their previous screen relationship as the leads in the US version of The Killing.

Although the dynamic is very different from her time playing Sarah Linden, the pair had an immediate bond that benefits the complex relationship in Hanna.

Later this year, you will see more on Mireille on Prime Video and the BBC when she stars as War in Neil Gaiman’s highly-anticipated Good Omens series.

After The Killing, Mireille appeared in the films World War Z, If I Stay, and Never Here and was also the lead in legal thriller The Catch.

Sophie – Rhianne Barreto

Hanna on BT TV

The character of Sophie was played in the film by Jessica Barden, the star of Channel 4’s The End of the F***ing World and Penny Dreadful.

In the TV series she is played by fellow British actir Rhianne Barreto, whose previous TV appearances include Strike Back and Little Boy Blue.

Sophie is a British teenage holidaymaker who bumps into Hanna with her family in Morocco.

The blossoming friendship and bond between the unlikely duo plays a central role on the development of Hanna as she shifts from living in isolation to busting modern society.

Jacobs - Andy Nyman

Andy Nyman plays Jacobs in Prime Video's Hanna

Jacobs is used by Marissa to track down Hanna and Erik. Jacobs is a shady character, who works off the grid and who can get stuff done that the CIA wouldn’t allow. His past is intertwined with Erik and Marissa.

Andy Nyman is the creative genius behind Ghost Stories and a long-time collaborator with Derren Brown. He’s previously starred in Kick-Ass 2, The Commuter, Death at a Funeral and will also appear alongside The Rock in Disney’s 2020 movie Jungle Cruise, playing Sir James Hobbs-Cunningham.

Dieter – Benno Fürmann

Benno Furmann

Dieter is a former army colleague of Erik, who has settled down with a family and good job. However, he is loyal to his former friend and is willing to put everything on the line if Erik’s in danger.

Benno is a German actor who starred in Die Bubi Scholz Story, TV movie (Wolfsburg) and  Joyeux Noel.

Elsa – Katherina Heyer

Katherina Heye

Another former army colleague of Erik, Elsa is a quick-thinker, great fighter and survivor. She is a loyal friend and ally to Erik.

Katherina is a German actress known for her performances in Volt and Unter Nachbarn.

Jerome Swayer - Khalid Abdalla

Khalid Abdall

After Erik and Marissa’s showdown early in the series, Sawyer comes into the CIA to take charge and replaces Marissa at the head of the operation.

Khalid is a Scottish actor who you may have seen in The Kite Runner, United 93 or The Square.

Lukas - Peter Ferdinando

Peter Ferdinando

Another former army friend of Erik, Lukas has let himself go and has got himself in trouble with heavy drinking and debts.
Peter is best known for his roles in Tony, Hyena, Starred Up, Doctor Who, host in the Shell and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Hanna is available now on Prime Video.

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