Exclusive to BT customers, AMC - BT Channel 332/381 HD - brings some of America’s most acclaimed television dramas and movies straight to your small screen.

In fact, AMC has created some of the most celebrated and popular TV shows of all time, including Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

So what are you waiting for? Explore one of these amazing AMC shows this July:

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1. Better Call Saul


For any Breaking Bad fan, it's hard to forget the hilariously slimy lawyer Saul Goodman, who helped Walter get out of various potentially tricky legal situations. Luckily, he’s back with his very own spin off Better Call Saul, which takes a look at his life pre-Breaking Bad era when he was a struggling newbie lawyer simply known as “Jimmy” McGill. As a challenging relationship with his eccentric but highly successful lawyer brother Chuck is explored, various fan favourite Breaking Bad characters make reappearances. Funny, intriguing and visually captivating, Better Call Saul has been hailed by critics for both Bob Odenkirk’s performance and the stellar screenwriting.

Better Call Saul is on Tuesdays at 9pm

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2. Mad Men


Whether you want to relive the golden years of when Mad Men dominated the ratings and critical applause for AMC or are discovering it for the first time – AMC’s Mad Men Marathon is definitely worth a tune in. Mad Men follows the trials and tribulations of Don Draper, a charismatic and handsome ad man who struggles to balance his high-flying career with family life – all while hiding a dark secret. Intricately interlacing historical and pop cultural events, Mad Men starts in the 50s and takes us through to the 60s, ad we see how the New York media landscape adapts and changes accordingly. Starring John Hamm, January Jones and John Slattery, Mad Men won a multitude of awards including 8 Emmys.

Mad Men's marathon will run from Wednesday 19th July at 8pm, then every evening Monday-Friday

3. Fear the Walking Dead


Fear the Walking Dead sees a dysfunctional blended family fight for their lives against a zombie invasion in Los Angeles. A prequel to the zombie phenomenon that is The Walking Dead, series 1 and 2 saw the family fleeing the infected across the border to Mexico - where new dangers and enemies await.

Now back for its third season, the latest instalment of the Fear the Walking Dead franchise promises to be even faster paced and action packed than ever before. Be prepared for more zombies, plot twists and a few surprise guest stars along the way.

Series 3 of Fear the Walking Dead is now available on the BT Player.

4. Ride with Norman Reedus


Another essential for any Walking Dead aficionado, Ride with Norman Reedus, follows Daryl Dixon star Norman Reedus as he tours some of America’s most visually spectacular natural terrains on his motorbike.

Norman, a keen motorcycle enthusiast, takes along a new celebrity friend along for the ride each episode. Destinations covered include California’s Pacific Coast Highway, Florida’s The Keys and Death Valley.

The first series is being shown on Mondays at 8pm.

5. Grey’s Anatomy


Scooping awards and high viewing figures since 2005, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest running television shows ever. Focusing on the career and personal life of Meredith Grey, a doctor who despite having a stellar reputation often feels that she lives in the shadows of her esteemed mother’s legacy as an award-winning surgeon.

Watch as Meredith navigates her way through the competitive medical world, and her encounters with various fellow doctors, nurses, interns and admin staff.

Watch on weekdays at 7pm.

Catch up now on the BT Player and watch on Tuesdays at 9pm.

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