Fear the Walking Dead catch-up: 5 talking points from Do Not Disturb

Could Alicia survive on her own? And did Chris step over the line?

Fear the Walking Dead returned this week with its darkest and most gripping episode yet.

A flashback at the Rosarito Beach Hotel revealed how the building went into lockdown following a wedding from hell – an infected Father of the Bride sinking his teeth into his daughter was a brilliant hide behind your sofa intro.

Meanwhile, Chris and Travis’s already strained relationship was pushed even harder as Chris crossed a new line in the battle for survival.

Here are the five big talking points from, series two, episode ten – Do Not Disturb:

1. Is it too late for Chris?

Fear the Walking Dead

After a two-week wait we finally caught up with Travis and Chris this week. If Travis and Chris had a strained relationship in series one, they’ve pushed the fraught father-son dynamic to a new level in series two.

Chris still can’t forgive Travis for shooting his mother, even though she was infected, and even though Travis has abandoned Madison to care for him, he still can’t forge any sort of bond with the angry teenager.

Chris’s decision to shoot the innocent farmer at the end of the episode has pushed Chris and Travis even further apart and with Travis’s strong moral compass, there may be no way back for the duo now.



2. Alicia is a kick-ass survivor

Fear the Walking Dead

Back in the Rosarito Beach Hotel, it was all about Alicia this week as she proved herself to be a resourceful and battle ready. Teaming up with hotel manager Elana, Alicia showed bravery and an ability to lead and persuade, which she gets from her mother.

Strand may have singled out her brother Nick as a great ally in the apocalypse, but with Alicia he may have found another useful friend when all hell is breaking loose around them.

3. Are Chris's new pals bad news?

Fear the Walking Dead

Brandon, Derek, and Baby James are Travis’s worst nightmare and Chris’s new idols. The boys believe that the best plan is to get back to America, despite Travis’s warnings as they have a ruthless, self-serving attitude.

Chris feels like he’s found someone he can sympathise and look up to the apocalypse, but Travis doesn’t trust them, like them and appears to see them for what they really are.

If Travis abandons Chris, will he really be able to depend on his new trio of pals? And how equipped are they for surviving?

4. Brenda Strong joins the cast

Brenda Strong in Fear the Walking Dead

It is never a good idea to get too attached to newcomers in Fear the Walking Dead, because nobody is safe in this show.

However, TV fans couldn’t help but be excited by the arrival of Brenda Strong in this week’s episode as the mother from the apocalyptic wedding.

Where have you seen Brenda before? Most recently she starred in the reboot of Dallas as Ann Ewing. She’s best known for her dramatic voice overs and cameos in the US hit series Desperate Housewives, where she played Mary Alice Young.

5. Where is Ofelia?

Ofelia in Fear the Walking Dead

After a doom-laded speech in the hotel, Ofelia abandoned Alicia and has gone AWOL. Is she gone for good?

Fans of Mercedes Mason should fear not because executive producer Dave Erickson reassured fans that Ofelia will return.

“She’s gone a little bit fatalistic after the perceived death of her father, and I think she’s realizing that time is short,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“She doesn’t believe they’re going to make it, and I think she also does not accept the fact that Alicia, Madison, and Strand now constitute a new family.

“So she disappears. We’ll catch up with her in a later episode and see what she’s up to.”

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