Fear the Walking Dead: Drowning in Water, Burning in Flame – 5 shocking twists

Crows, fires and new enemies: The most jaw-dropping moments from the latest episode of the post-apocalyptic drama.

Fear the Walking Dead’s thrilling third season had been the show’s most shocking so far, killing off lead characters and turning the lives of the survivors and their world outlook upside down.

Episode five, Drowning in Water, Burning in Flame, increased the tension levels, introduced a new dangerous enemy and included some of the show’s most jaw-dropping sequences.

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Here were the five unforgettable moments:

1. The last zombie dance

Fear the Walking Dead

The cold opens on this season of Fear the Walking Dead have all been red hot, but this week’s was a classic spine-chiller.

An old man wakes from his bed to discover that his wife has turned, but before he takes any action, he holds her in his arms and they share one final dance – he’s able to have the embrace because her false teeth are on the side in the bathroom.

His wife’s lack of gnashers mean that he’s forced to pull the trigger on himself so that they can die in each other’s arms.

Haunting, terrifying and in a horrifying and weird way, strangely romantic, it’s one of the show’s best ever intros.

2. Nick’s latest addiction

Fear the Walking Dead

What is it about Nick in the apocalypse, which means that he’s willing to become a follower and loyal servant for everyone he meets? For a young man, who was such a rebel in the old world, he’s constantly searching for someone to look up to and follow post-apocalypse. First it was Strand, then came Celia and La Colonia. Now Jeremiah Otto has a hold over the most unpredictable member of the Clark clan.

Is Otto manipulating Nick in the same way that Madison has been controlling Troy? And will Nick regret giving up Luciana for life on the ranch?

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3. That crow scene

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead often tests the strength of our stomach with his most visceral scenes, but this week’s introduction of Qualetaqa Walker (Michael Greyeyes) still took us by surprise.

Troy and Madison discovered an acquaintance of the Ranch, tied to a chair on top of a rock with *look away now if you’re feeling a bit queasy* - a crow feeding from the back of his sliced-open head.

Native American Walker was behind the grim act of torture and he threatened to do the same with Troy and Madison if they didn’t surrender their weapons and the ranch.

Walker has previous with the Ottos and wants to reclaim his land. We’re heading towards a violent battle between these two old enemies and it will soon be time for the Clarks to decide whether they’re happy to fight with their new ‘allies’.

4. Alicia’s latest vice

Fear the Walking Dead

Last week it was drugs and drink, this week it was sex with poetry-loving heartthrob Jake.

The previously clean cut Alicia is shaking off her old straight-laced behaviour and discovering a hedonistic side in the apocalypse.

Is Alicia just adapting to a new way of living or is she slowly crumbling? And will this apocalyptic romance have a happier ending than her ill-fated season two relationship?

Jake and Alicia seem like a perfect match, but the Fear the Walking Dead is no place for happy couples. Just ask Travis, Salazar or Strand.

5. The odd couple: Strand and Salazar

Fear the Walking Dead

Daniel Salazar has never bought into Victor Strand’s smooth-talking charm and after abandoning the slimy salesman in an infected-filled hotel, they duo’s frosty relationship may have reached a new low.

Which is a shame, because we love seeing Colman Domingo and Ruben Blades on screen together and if they could get over their ideological and personal differences, the duo make a kick-ass fighting team.

How will Strand react if meets Daniel again? If he could find it in himself to forgive, perhaps the pair can reconcile in some way.

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