Deaths, a brutal showdown and the biggest battle in Fear the Walking Dead history made Brother’s Keeper one of the most jaw-dropping TV episodes of the year.

We bid farewell to one of the series' leading characters after an emotional and brutal sibling showdown and lost one of the show's best-loved minor characters as a mammoth hoard of infected stormed Broke Jaw Ranch.

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The havoc was all kicked off by Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman), who reached new depths of madness on his own in the desert and decided to gain revenge on everyone who has wronged him by leading thousands of walkers with gun shots towards the farm.

Not only did the fall-out destroy the Ranch, but it also proved to be fatal for his own brother Jake (Sam Underwood).

Here were the five most shocking moments in Brother’s Keeper:

1. Jake, Troy and Nick’s cliff-side showdown

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

How much of Troy’s actions this week were just part of his standard psychopathic tendencies and what stemmed from the madness of surviving on his own is open to debate.

However, his decision to launch an attack on the Ranch with the infected was unforgivable for his older brother Jake who decided that he need to do what Madison and others had failed to do and pull the trigger on his brother.

Tragically for Jake, Nick (Frank Dillane) feels that he has a twisted allegiance with Troy and after killing his father, that bond has grown stronger between the pair. Nick intervened in the brothers’ brawl, using a rifle to push Jake away and ultimately to his doom.

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2. Jake's an armless guy

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

It turns out that all Troy’s sick scientific experiments didn’t amount to much as he was unable to save Jake after his arm was bitten by an infected.

Nick and Troy chopped off Jake’s limb in the hope that they could stop the infection spreading and keep him alive, but the brutal scene turned out to be in vain and Troy eventually had to put down his own sibling as his eyes transformed and his teeth started snapping.

Poor old Jake. Honest, moral, smart and decent – he never stood a chance in the brutal world of Fear.

3. So long Coop!

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

Jake might have been the most significant loss in the episode, but we must spare a thought for poor old Cooper. The big man went down fighting at Broke Jaw Ranch helping defend his home from the onslaught of infected.

Coop has become one of the Ranch’s most dependable and likeable characters, who we shouldn’t forget helped save Madison’s life. Watching him give the nod to Alicia for her to pull the trigger on him was heart-breaking.

4. The invasion

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

Fear the Walking Dead’s drama has been so focused on The Nation and the Ranch that the infected have become almost secondary in season three. Until this week.

It was the biggest infected attack in the show’s history and the moment that they started tipping over the trucks and piling through into the Ranch was utterly terrifying.

5. Alicia and Ofelia kicking butt

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

Amid all the destruction and terror, there was one piece of optimism in Brother’s Keeper. Team Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) set aside all their differences and saved each other’s lives as they put down dozens of infected with some serious fighting skills.

We must give a shout out to tough-as-nails Crazy Dog as well for his headbutt to the infected – a surprising way of dealing with the dead.

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