Fear the Walking Dead’s third season returns on September 11th on AMC and if you’ve seen the Comic-Con trailer, you’ll know we’re about to get some explosive episodes.

With the death of Jeremiah Otto hanging over Death Jaw Ranch and the rise of The Nation, tensions are high and the fight for survival is about to become even more intense.

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But who is going to make it out alive from the remaining season one characters? We take a look at the show’s battling survivors to find out where they are at the start of the show’s most thrilling run yet.

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens)

Madison Clark - Kim Dickens

Whatever happened to the wise and respectable school counsellor version of Madison? She’s lost her lover Travis, but her determination to seize control and protect her children hasn’t given her time to grieve that devastating loss. Will her pain bubble over the new episodes?

And now that Jeremiah has gone, will Madison seize control of Broke Jaw Ranch and rule hand-in-hand with The Nation?

The trailer for S3B shows a reunion for Madison and Daniel Salazar, which could prove to the most fascinating dynamic in the show. Madison could reunite Daniel with his daughter, but

Nick Clark (Frank Dillane)

Nick Clark - Frank Dillane

Strand always believed Nick would be a vital ally in the battle for survival and like many of his predictions, it turned out to be on the money.

In the old, Nick was a drug addict, a drop out and troubled by the loss of his father. In the new world, he’s fearless, a man of action and able to summon a ruthless streak that could save Broke Jaw Ranch.

Saving his mother from more torment in the mid-season finale, Nick pulled the trigger on Jeremiah to save the ranch. Has Nick adjusted his moral stance for life in the apocalypse, or will we see him pull the trigger again in season 3?

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Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey)

Alica Clark - Alycia Debnam-Carey

The youngest member of the Clark family had the biggest transformation in season 3 and struggled the most with the loss of Travis.
Enjoying Broke Jaw’s drugs and drink and starting a no-strings relationship with Jake Otto, Alicia is no longer a bystander in the apocalypse. She’s an independent woman who can kick-ass when required.

There are some big questions for Alicia in the latest episodes. Does she feel anything for Jake Otto? Where will her loyalties stand when she discovers what her mother and brother did to Jeremiah? And does she feel any bond with her mother at all after discovering what Madison did to her own father?

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades)

Daniel Salazar - Fear the Walking Dead

He’s alive! The biggest shock in season 3 was the return of Daniel Salazar, who we had all presumed dead in the season two blaze.
However, Salazar has survived and he’s now in control of the most important resource – water. Acting as the muscle for the dam, it looks like Daniel will have a vital role in deciding the power struggle at Broke Jaw Ranch.

The new episodes could potentially see Daniel reunited with his daughter Ofelia, but he should probably be watching his back as well. Strand is still alive, despite Daniel leaving him for dead at the hotel and we suspect he won’t laugh it off if they meet again.

Strand (Colman Domingo)

Victor Strand - Colman Domingo

The final shot of Strand in the mid-season finale showed us a glimpse of the old Victor Strand again as he smiled, watching his boat Abigail burning in the sea.

Strand has lost loved ones, been locked up and had some serious close calls, but he remains a born survivor with his charm, wit and quick-thinking.

With nothing to lose and armed with knowledge about the infection’s impact across the globe, Strand is a dangerous man to cross and he’s someone we’d want on our team in the battle for survival.

Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason)

Ofelia Salazar

‘Where’s Ofelia?’ was one of the biggest questions in the first half of season 3, but we now know that she’s a fully-fledged member of The Nation.

She’s poisoned the militia, she’s crossed the Clarks and she’s proved herself to have a similar ruthless streak to her father.

If it came to the crunch would she fight against the Clarks? And who will she react if her father returns? We can’t wait to find out.

Fear the Walking Dead’s third season will return with back-to-back episodes on Monday, September 11th on AMC, exclusive to BT customers.

The show returns for the second half of its third season with eight new episodes, airing on BT TV channel 332/381.

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