Fear the Walking Dead finale review: Who died? Who survived? 7 burning questions for season 4

The third season ends in explosive fashion with nearly everyone’s lives hanging in the balance.

It’s going to feel like a long old wait for season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead.

The AMC series will return in 2018, but after the epic and explosive double-bill finale, we’re not sure how we’re going to hold on that long for answers.

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Fear the Walking Dead finale

The Clark family once again left destruction in their path, blowing up the dam and losing a handful of friends and allies along the way.

Troy, Lola and Efrain all lost their lives as Strand double-crossed everyone and Proctor and John marched on the dam.

Here are the seven burning questions we have after the season 3 finale?

1. What happened to Strand and Alicia on the boat?

Fear the Walking Dead finale

We all saw Madison reach land after a dream sequence involving a brief cameo from Travis (Cliff Curtis) helped inspire and drive her out of the water. But did anyone else make it?

Alicia and Strand will have to be strong swimmers and very lucky to have made it out of the flood waters alive.



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2. Could Daniel and Nick have survived?

Fear the Walking Dead finale

As Nick pulled the trigger and watched the dam collapse, he was joined by Daniel Salazar. The two are arguably the show’s greatest survivors, who seem able to get out alive from even the tightest of spots.

Could they have navigated their way to safety or did they sink to a their doom in the rubble?

3. Was Troy really dead?

He may have been a pyscho, but Troy was central to the show’s incredible shift of gear in season 3. Dark, but intriguing, brutal, but loyal – Troy was a fascinating bundle of contradictions.

Daniel Sharman stole every scene he was in and if he really was finished off by Madison’s club to the head, we’ll really miss him in season 4.



4. Will we see Taqa and Crazy Dog again?

The Nation’s leaders took out Proctor John’s gang with some serious sharp shooting, but decided not to hang around to find out if Madison and co survived.

Their plan was to head North. Will we ever see the duo again? We reckon their paths will cross with the Clarks sooner rather than later.

5. What will Proctor John do when he catches up with the survivors?

Fear the Walking Dead finale

We only got a brief glimpse into the violent world of Proctor John and his brutal methods of ruling and controlling. A lot of his men were killed by Taqa and Crazy Dog, but the biker gang leader was still standing strong the last we saw of him.

Let’s hope Madison, Nick, Alicia and Strand are fully prepared for war if they meet him again.

6. California, sea, Mexico… Houston?

The big question for anyone who does survive in Fear the Walking Dead is, where next? Taqa is heading North and Proctor John talks about plans to unite the refineries in Houston with farmland in California. Could everyone be heading to Houston in season 4?

7. Who will be involved in the 'Worlds Collide'?

Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead crossover

Talking of Houston, we already know that there will be a ‘Worlds Collide’ crossover between Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead in 2018.

The most prominent fan theory is that Walking Dead character Abraham will meet the cast of Fear at the start of his failed journey to Washington.

Abraham’s backstory was that he started life in the apocalypse, surviving with his wife and two kids in a grocery store in Houston. Will that grocery store be where the two series crossover next year?



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