Fear the Walking Dead: Five game-changing moments in This Land Is Your Land

The most claustrophobic and electric episode so far has totally changed the future of the AMC drama.

Alicia (Alyica Debnam Carey) took centre stage this week in the most claustrophobic and electric episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Locked in the Ranch’s bunker with limited oxygen, bitten survivors and diminishing hope of getting out alive, Alicia’s battle for survival ratcheted up the tension and provided a series of game-changing moments that have totally changed the direction of the show.

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Fear the Walking Dead

Here are five ways This Land Is Your Land altered the course of Fear the Walking Dead.

1. Alicia goes solo.

Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia has spent so much of her time on the show suffering from the actions of her family. Whether it be Nick going rogue or her mother attempting to take control, the youngest member of the Clark family has finally seen the light and decided to break off for her own adventure.

Alicia’s development across the third series has been the most stark of all the characters and her decision to take on the world alone feels like an exciting new direction for the young warrior.

2. Women rule this world.

Fear the Walking Dead

In The Walking Dead, we’ve had Carol, Maggie and some fantastic kick-ass women in the battle to survive. However, Fear the Walking Dead has taken that one step further with all the strongest and smartest fighters on the show being women.

There’s a strong case that the three people you would want by your side from this show are Madison, Alicia and Ofelia.

Not only do the trio have none of the unhinged baggage of their male counterparts, but they’ve also shown the necessary balance of diplomacy, compassion and brutality to stay alive in the new world.

It was no surprise that while Nick, Troy and Jake were off squabbling, it was Madison and Alicia who really took control of the situation and survived in the most desperate of situations.

3. Old divisions are dead.

Fear the Walking Dead

The Ranch has fallen and although we suspect Troy and Walker won’t be chuckling over the breakfast table any time soon, previous rivalries and tensions have been rendered worthless.

Walker, Ofelia and Crazy Dog need Madison, Strand and Nick and vice versa. Former sworn enemies are now on the same side in the fight for stay alive.

4. Nick and Troy are bound together.

Fear the Walking Dead

Whatever it is that Nick sees in Troy, the pair are bound together forever it seems. Perhaps Troy’s disturbed and troubled behaviour feels like holding up a mirror for Nick and saving the wild Otto brother feels like redemption for his own misdemeanours.

Nick is willing to lie, fight and put his life on the line for Troy and the thrilling partnership between the two could be vital in keeping the group alive.

5. Madison is no longer shackled by family.

Fear the Walking Dead on AMC

Alicia’s walk-out means that Madison’s quest to unite and protect her family from the apocalypse is over.

Without the driving force of her children, what will keep Madison fighting and drive her forward? And will she be unleashed and more brutal than ever without Alicia holding her back as a moral compass.

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