From the surprising comeback of a very popular character to a pet head, Fear the Walking Dead's third season continue to shock and surprise us with one of its best ever episodes - Teotwawki.

Here were the five most jaw-dropping moments from this week's action:

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1. Daniel's back!

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

What? Why? How?! We’ve got lots of questions about the return of Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades), but we’re going to have to wait at least a week for answers.
We can’t wait to see him reunited with his old friend/foe Strand and hopefully the duo are going to become an infected-fighting double team, who head off to reunited with Ofelia and the Clarks.

2. There's a dark side to The Ranch

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

I don’t think any of us were fooled into believing the Ottos ranch was going to be a perfect safe haven – not after we saw Troy in action last week.

However, is Troy the only member of the Preppers, who had a dark side? Madison watched footage of Jeremiah being angry and physical on an old tape – could he actually be the real dangerous figure, rather than his youngest son?

3. Jeff the Head!

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

Alicia’s ‘Bible class’ took a surprising turn this week as the young teenagers on The Ranch revealed that praying to the Lord was a smokescreen for smoking pot, boozing and a decapitated infected head called Jeff.

Will Jeff’s backstory be explained? And are we starting to see a tougher, stronger and more kick-ass Alicia in season 3?

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4. Strand's dangling danger drop

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

The softer and romantic side of Strand we unraveled in season two means that it’s often easy to forget about the schmoozing, fast-talking businessman from the pre-apocalypse world.

Strand’s meeting with an old business acquaintance reminded us of the many people he must have crossed in his old life, but he was saved and placed in prison rather than thrown into a pit of infected to die.

Can Strand make amends for his old errors or will he just charm his way out of trouble all over again.

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5. What has Troy ignited in Nick?

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

The parallels between the Ottos and Clarks are easy to see as they’ve both lost loved ones and have a mix of aspirational and troubled teens in their ranks.

We’ve detected a potential spark of romance between Alicia and Jake, but could the real bromance of the series be Troy and Nick’s relationship. Troy’s sinister side is clear for all to see, but he may have ignited something dark in Nick, which we haven’t seen since he managed to go clean on the show.

This pair could be a match made in hell!

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