Fear the Walking Dead: 6 things we learned at Comic-Con 2017

Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam-Carey were among the cast in San Diego spilling secrets about the show’s third season.

Fear the Walking Dead will be back in September with the second half of season three.

The Nation and Broke Jaw Ranch have reached an uneasy truce, but can the Ottos and Walker’s men really live side-by-side.

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How will the Clarks recover from their violent actions in the mid-season finale? And how are Salazar and Strand going to eventually reunite with the group?

We’ve got a little wait to find out those answers, but the show’s cast were in San Diego this weekend answering fans questions about the show and revealed some secrets and spoilers for season 3B.

Here were six key things we learned from Fear the Walking Dead at Comic-Con.

1. Kim Dickens didn’t know about Madison’s secret past.

Kim Dickens and Colman Domingo

“I had suspisicons,” she said. “That sequence revealing Madison’s past was really satisfying to me. I thought it was really beautiful how it came about with this fracture between Madison and her children, challenging her on what she was doing.

“It was this beautiful moment where she this mother became a human to her children.”

“Ultimately from her childhood, it’s all been about protecting the ones she loves to stay alive.

2. Strand is ready for action

Speaking about those final scenes on the Abigail, Colman Domingo said: “We made a choice to give him a glint and a smile.  It’s very slight.

“He’s ready to rebuild again. That’s something that’s in his nature.”

3. Alicia isn't depending on Jake

“Jake and Alicia, Alicia and Jake. I got a lot of comments on social media about it,” said Alycia Debnam Carey, who celebrated her birthday at Comic-Con.

“This is actually a young person trying to be normal. She missed out on college and her youth. It’s not about her falling in love with someone, but it is a natural part of life, companionship. It doesn’t define Alicia. It is ambiguous and that’s okay. “

Sam Underwood got cheers from the crowd, when he added: “Women don’t need men to survive."

4. Troy is smarter than we think

Fear the Walkking Dead Daniel Sharman

Daniel Sharman doesn’t consider Troy a “hot-head” and believes he’s actually a lot smarter than many viewers think.

“I think he’s well aware he’s being played [by Madison],” said the British actor. “But the fact that he gets to play this game and play this chess game is all part of why Troy loves Madison being there.

“Troy is enjoying the game as much as she is. In some ways maybe he’s letting her think she’s got the upper hand.”

5. Zombies are taking over Frank Dillane’s life

When a very young female fan asked if any of the cast ever had nightmares about the show, Frank confessed he often wakes up frightened by the infected.

“Zombies have started to infect my dreams…quite vividly,” he revealed.

6. Ofelia is ready to fight

Mercedes Mason

Mercedes Mason said that we will find a very different Ofelia when the show returns.

“She’s realized now that she’s her father’s daughter and she’s got to do certain things to survive. She’s finally become a badass,” she said.

“I can’t wait for to meet up with Daniel Salazar.”

Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/TVLine/REX/Shutterstock

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