Fear the Walking Dead season 3B: Stars promise 'crazy mad' new episodes

The stars of the AMC series reveal that the show isn’t slowing down with the second half of season three.

Fear the Walking Dead’s critically acclaimed third season isn’t going to slow down the pace when it returns for eight new episodes in September.

Season 3B begins on Monday, September 11 – exclusive to BT customers – and two of the show’s stars have revealed what fans can expect when it premieres.

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“We find out where Madison (Kim Dickens) stands and its crazy mad what’s going to happen next,” said Danay Garcia, who plays Luciana in the post-apocalyptic drama.

“We’re at a point now where we know what she wants from Troy, what she wants from Nick and everything makes sense. But now everything has come out and there are no secrets – how will everybody react to that?”

Danay Garcia - Fear the Walking Dead

(Danay Garcia)

The mid-season finale brought together two rival groups, Broke Jaw Ranch and The Nation, but Daniel Sharman confirmed that it wouldn’t be a happy union.

“I think where things have left off is this uneasy truce between Broke Jaw Ranch and The Nation,” said the Teen Wolf star.

“We’ve introduced all these elements and really established these different elements. The second half of season 3 is what happens when we put them all together. The unravelling of what happens when they can’t exist together.

“How long can the group hold with these really volatile people. This situation is always on a knife edge.”

Speaking about Luciana’s disappearance in recent episodes, Garcia commented: “She sees the whole thing coming and she thinks, ‘I gotta go’.

“The first half of the season was about her healing. She was at the bottom of the bottom, but now that she has got some strength she can see the problem and doesn’t want to be part of this. It’s ugly and she doesn’t belong there.”

Speaking about what made Luciana such a popular character with fans, she added: “What I like about her is that she’s a strong woman, but she’s also sensitive. She cries when she needs to and when she’s scared she’s not afraid to tell you that.

Daniel Sharman - Fear the Walking Dead

“She’s not a strong woman afraid to show her weakness. She has all these layers of being a human and being a woman. When she is strong, she’s strong, but when she wants to cry, fetch me a shoulder because I’m going for it.

“I wanted to make a woman who was complete and who people could really relate to.”

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Discussing the enduring appeal of the Fear series, Sharman claimed that the show’s writers were the reason behind its continuing success.

“The show is really heavily character-driven,” he said. “That will always be a fascinating thing for viewers. You take this extreme situation and focus on the human aspect.

“The writers have done a great job this season, really showing us this rich diverse group of characters. That is fundamentally what makes it an interesting show. This isn’t just action. What’s interesting isn’t the circumstances, it’s how the humans react to these circumstances.”

Fear the Walking Dead’s third season will return with back-to-back episodes on Monday, September 11th on AMC, exclusive to BT customers.

The show returns for the second half of its third season with eight new episodes, airing on BT TV channel 332/381.

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