Fear the Walking Dead season 3: Will Nick and Luciana’s romance survive?

Frank Dillane and Danay Garcia reveal all about the apocalyptic lovers and the upcoming episodes on AMC.

Just because there’s a global apocalypse going on, doesn’t mean that there can’t be any romance.

In season two of Fear the Walking Dead, Nick (Frank Dillane) started a fiery romance with Luciana (Danay Garcia) and the couple became an immediate hit with fans.

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We spoke with Dillane and Garcia to find out what clues they could reveal about their characters heading into the third season on June 5th on AMC – BT TV 332/381 HD.

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How is Madison going to react to Nick’s new girlfriend?

Frank: “I think that Madison will be a bit beat up about meeting Luciana, but she may have a maternal reaction to her in private. Madison seems to be alright about her but Madison does strike me as a potentially jealous mother. And maybe she won’t like her…”

Nick (Frank Dillane) from Fear the Walking Dead.

If he had to choose between Luciana and his family, who do you think Nick would pick right now?

Frank: “God I don’t know really, probably family. I think family would come first for Nick, always.”

How have the events of season 2 shaped their relationship?

Danay: “Luciana has left behind her entire family and community and I think that puts a lot of stress on them as a couple. We are going to see how this will affect Nick and Luciana, therefore they have to learn more things about themselves and discover new sides about them that they never knew before. The fact is that she is hurting and hurting really bad.”

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Will we see a new side to Luciana?

Danay: “Well, we will see how feisty she is. She started so strong and powerful and despite the apocalypse she is still so strong and has a vision for saving her community and the people they love. You will see now she has been broken to absolute pieces emotionally, taking everything away from her, everything she had left in her life that could possibly let her be powerful – this is gone!

Luciana (Danay Garcia) from Fear The Walking Dead

“So now she is a woman that has to start absolutely from scratch and try to go from the bottom to the top – she is going to struggle to get back to the top – it’s going to be quite a journey. She is at the bottom of the bottom now – hurting physically and emotionally.”

And has Nick changed?

Frank: “I think Nick has always been self-deprecating and had self-doubt and you’ll still see that in the new season.”

Do you think you could survive the apocalypse now?

Danay:You know before doing this show, I would say oh my god I don’t know! Now – hell yeah! I’ve been covered in blood, in dirt, with zombies everywhere.

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“Hey, I’m thinking yeah I can do this. I could handle this. I could take that. I know what it’s like from shooting to be without water and getting dehydrated so I could survive in the heat -  I could handle it!”

 Nick (Frank Dillane) and Luciana (Danay Garcia) from Fear the Walking Dead

Why should viewers be excited about season 3?

Frank: “There’s more action and it’s a lot faster.”

Danay: “You know I think they are going to get what they never expected to get because we are going in at so many layers.

“I think they will watch the show and feel afraid, at what we can become, as characters. They will think ‘whoa I never saw this coming’. It’s going to be disturbing, exciting, fearful and entertaining.”

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The double-bill premiere will also be simulcast with the US at 2am on Sunday, June 5.

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