After most episodes of Fear The Walking Dead, we have questions – many, many questions. Which is why we’re so pleased Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick’s spin-off discussion show, airs straight after to delve into vital issues such as: who the heck was Patient Zero? And, who’s going to become Walker food next week?

Here’s our pick of the craziest fan theories from the Fear and Walking Dead universe, Chris ought to clear up...

1. The Walking Dead is actually a Toy Story remake

Rick Grimes and Woody are both sheriffs leading a group of misfits. They both have kids they love who idolise the new guy on the block – which brings conflict their way. Plus, that one-eyed doll in Toy Story does look pretty undead... What?

2. The zombie apocalypse is actually an alien invasion

When creator Robert Kirkman pitched the show, the network worried a zombie series would tank. So he said, “I forgot to tell you that this is actually a big setup for an alien invasion.” Are the Walkers actually ET’s secret, lolloping, slow army?

3. The Morales link Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead

The family disappeared in TWD season 1 and most fans reckon they’re yet to play a pivotal role somehow. Are they the crossover characters between the shows? Were the Latino family from Georgia on their way to Florida to find relatives when they met Rick and co?

4. ...Or Madison does

Because she’s Rick’s sister! The evidence: we don’t know where Madison is from. We know little about Rick’s family life before Lori and Carl. Madison sometimes sounds a bit Southern.  Rick is very Southern. Creator Frank Darabont says he’s surprised more people “haven’t commented on that”. Hmmm...

5. Babies are immune to the virus

Born post-apocalypse? You’ll never turn Walker. How will we discover this? At some point little Judith will die and not go zombie.

6. You can predict who’ll die next

In a dream sequence, we see all the Alexandrians sitting at a table eating together. Glenn is with his (yet to be born) son and Abraham is with Sasha. As Glenn and Abraham died at the start of season 7, and Sasha at the end of it, does where the characters are sitting symbolises the order they’re going to die in?

7. Rick is a zombie!

And a zombie who has kept his zombieness cunningly hidden from all the Alexandrian gang. He /has/ escaped death a lot and was in that hospital for a month with no doctors, so it would make sense if he was immortal. The managing to not-eat-his-friends part? Less so.

8. This is actually Carl’s story

And he’s telling the tale as an old man who survived and stepped up as leader when Rick eventually died.

9. Zombies are solar-powered

When they’re not eating humans, the sun keeps them alive. Well, the ones outside do seem more sprightly then their borderline catatonic stuck-in-a-building friends.

10. It’s all a dream!

Some fans believe Rick is still in his pre-zombieland coma and has been dreaming the entire show. Sounds a bit Dynasty (and deeply annoying) to us, but you never know.

The Talking Dead is on AMC every Monday straight after Fear the Walking Dead. Got a Fear The Walking Dead question? Tweet it to @AMCTalkingDead with the hashtag #TalkingDead and Chris could answer it on the show!