Fear the Walking Dead: Where is Ofelia?

5 theories about what has happened to Mercedes Mason’s much-missed character.

It’s the burning question that every Fear the Walking Dead fan desperately wants answered. Where is Ofelia Salazar?

Last seen on the Mexican/US border, being ‘welcomed’ to America by Jeremiah Otto at the end of season two, she hasn’t been seen since the show return in 2017.

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Mercedes Mason has been teasing fans on Twitter about the characters whereabouts and has been making regular appearances on spinoff show Talking Dead, making short videos joking about her disappearance from the show.



So what has happened to Ofelia and when will we see here again? Here are five theories about where in the world Ofelia might be…

1. She was locked up by the Ottos

Ofelia - Fear The Walking Dead

Jeremiah Otto shot at and appeared to capture Ofelia at the end of season two, so most viewers were expecting her to pop up at Broken Jaw Ranch at some point after the Clarks arrived.

When she didn’t initially welcome Madison, Nick and Alicia to their new home, there was a theory that she might be locked up or a prisoner on the ranch.

However, Dayton Callie who plays Jeremiah has put that theory to bed.

Speaking about the two characters meeting, he told Comicbook.com “I found her in the desert.

“Took her and had a brief conversation with her and left her in the desert to die, or not die. It’s up to her, whatever she is. So, I’m not holding her hostage or anything so people can rest assured of that, but whether someone else has her, that’s not my business.

“I kind of vetted her out in the desert and decided she’s better off in the desert than back at the camp.”

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2. She’s with Walker’s people

Ofelia - Fear the Walking Dead

The introduction of Qualetaqa Walker (Michael Greyeyes), a long-standing enemy of the Ottos, in episode 5, offered a new possible solution to the Ofelia mystery.

What if she teamed up with Walker after her meeting with Jeremiah and is now attempting to overthrow the American along with the help of the Native American.

Ofelia was a broken woman at the end of season two, but was she broken enough to feel an affinity to Walker’s brutal methods of retribution.

3. She’s dead

Now that Daniel has returned from the dead and is on the hunt for his daughter, it would be the cruelest blow to the Salvadorian if he didn’t manage to reunite with her.

Could Jeremiah have killed Ofelia? He would have hell to pay from Daniel if that was true.

4. She’s on the Abigail

Ofelia - Fear the Walking Dead

Maybe she headed back to the ocean, rediscovered Strand’s fancy boat and is currently topping up her tan on the top deck, living her best life.

5. She shot Travis

This ties in with point number two. If she has partnered up with Walker, she could be directly involved in the death of Travis. That weaponry she’s stood next to in her press shot for season 3, looks pretty brutal and it would be a huge moment in the show if Ofelia, Madison and Daniel discovered this revelation.

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