Fear the Walking Dead: Frank Dillane's greatest moments

The British actor has delivered some stunning performances as troubled addict Nick Clark.

Fear the Walking Dead, much like its companion series The Walking Dead, has never been shy of breaking viewers’ hearts with a shock death.

From Travis Manawa’s helicopter fall to Ofelia Salazar’s gut-wrenching final moments, the writers play by the rules that nobody is safe in this world - and stick to it.

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Despite being used to seeing characters leave the show that didn’t stop the latest episode of Fear and the death of Nick Clark knocking us for six. Why Charlie? Why!

Frank Dillane’s performance as the most troubled and soulful member of the Clark family has been a mesmerising part of the show. And one bonus is that due to flashback sequences, we haven’t quite seen the last of Nick just yet.

To mark Frank’s exit from the show, here are our five favourite Nick Clark episodes of Fear the Walking Dead

1. Pilot

Fear the Walking Dead - Frank Dillane

The first season of Fear the Walking Dead was largely seen through Nick’s eyes. He was the first person to witness an infected, he was the first to see a friend turn and quickly realised the importance of alliances with the Victor Strand.

And who can forget the old man clothes he stole from the hospital. Not many characters (or actors) could pull off that outfit combo.

From the pilot episode Nick was always so much more than an addict or recovering addict. He had wit, humour, a touching relationship with his sister and a poetic soul that meant he was often out of step with the rest of the survivors. However, his addict instinct and lack of fear also made him a fantastic asset in the new world.

2. Ouroboros

Frank Dillane - Fear the Walking Dead

As the survivors headed out to sea in season 2, Nick struggled as he tried to keep clean and go cold turkey. In Ouroboros, Nick found a new way to get his kicks as he made the discovery that covering himself with walker blood acted as a deterrent against the dead.

It was a classic example of Nick’s ability to escape the tightest situation in the most unusual fashion. Nick’s problematic relationship with the dead and his affinity with them would be a running theme across the second season.

3. Grotesque

Frank Dillane - Fear the Walking Dead

The first solo character episode in Fear the Walking Dead, Grotesque kicked off the second half of season 2 with a masterclass performance from Dillane.

The episode followed a blood-covered Nick’s walk to Tijuana, which involved him fighting off the living, evading walkers and feral dogs.

A significant episode for several reasons, it was the first time that Nick his future girlfriend Luciana and also explored his relationship with his father in flashbacks sequences to his time in rehab.

4. Things Bad Begun/Sleigh Ride

Frank Dillane - Fear the Walking Dead

The season three finale was the beginning of the end for Nick as the events at the dam and battle with the Proctors gave him a chance to finally redeem himself for some of the pain he had caused his family down the years.

His streetwise skills and quick-thinking allowed him to get hold of Strand’s explosives and he took control of the final showdown, which resulted in him blowing up the Gonzalez dam.

The impact of those events meant that the Nick we saw in season 4 was never quite the same as he locked himself away in the safety of the Diamond, baseball stadium.

5. Good Out Here

Frank Dillane - Fear the Walking Dead

Nick’s death at the hands of young Charlie was heartbreaking for so many reasons. Firstly, because it robbed him of the chance to take a new peaceful path under the guidance of Morgan. Secondly, Nick’s desperately wanted to save Charlie from the Vultures and the troubled young man always had a touching sweetness when around young kids in the show.

Ultimately, something had pushed Nick too far and into a dangerous place as he unleashed a violent attack on Vulture Ennis. This wasn’t the sensitive, soul-searching Nick who we’d seen in the first three seasons and it was this dark shift in his beliefs that eventually cost him his life.

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