Fear the Walking Dead - 5 burning questions after this week’s episode

As worlds collide in the first ever Walking Dead crossover, we have some huge questions that need answering. Who are the bad guys? Where’s Madison? What do the numbered flags mean?

The fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead premiered in the UK this week following months of anticipation and speculation.

Worlds collided as not only did Lennie James hop over into Fear, he also brought Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carol (Melissa McBride) and Jesus (Tom Payne) with him.

The Walking Dead trio tried their hardest to persuade Morgan to stay with them as they attempt to rebuild their community, but the troubled hero needed a clean break and despite heartbreaking pleas from his closest friends, he started running. In fact, he pretty much ran all the way to Texas – minus a little car trip.

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Fear the Walking Dead

In Texas, Morgan bumped into two more new arrivals in Fear the Walking Dead, Garret Dillahunt’s John Dorie and Maggie Grace’s Althea – a lonely peace-making cowboy and a SWAT truck-riding, ass-kicking journalist.

The unlikely trio unite as they take on the infected and gangs who are holding them captive, but at the end of the episode it looks like they may have met their match against some very familiar faces.

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Alicia and Nick Clark, Victor Strand and Luciana Galvez trick the trio at the roadside with an old injured damsel in distress routine and suddenly everything we know about the show appears to have been turned on its head.

Are Fear’s original survivors the new villains? Here are five burning questions after ‘What’s Your Story’, season four episode one.

1. Why is Morgan running?

Lennie James in Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan Jones has been a troubled soul in The Walking Dead for a long while, veering between violent breakdowns and zen man of peace as he attempts to do the right thing in the post-apocalyptic world.

Which Morgan we’ll get in Fear the Walking Dead remains to be seen. At the start of the episode, he’s a man running away from his old life, but will Rick Grime’s words eventually ring true – “You can hide, but you can’t run”.

Morgan may have run away from The Walking Dead, but it feels almost inevitably he will find himself drawn in to fighting for others in Fear. Morgan’s a good man who can’t look the other way and there’s no distance he can sprint to escape that fact.

2. Who is John Dorie looking for?

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie

Garret Dillahunt’s sharp-shooting cowboy is one of the coolest characters we’ve ever had in Fear the Walking Dead and can probably compete with the slick-talking Victor Strand for the best introduction to the show.

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The show has turned the cowboy stereotype on its head, making him a peaceful man who only fights when required. He is searching for a woman he loved called Laura, who has a gun identical to his own.

Is Laura alive and who is she? It could be one of the major questions across the whole of season 4.

3. What is Althea's story?

Maggie Grace as Al in Fear the Walking Dead

Maggie Grace knows how to make an introduction, storming into Fear the Walking Dead with a gun-packed SWAT truck and an interrogation technique that even manages to breakdown Morgan’s icy front.

The journalist is determined to document the apocalypse for future generations, but what is Al’s story? Does she really believe that her videos and questions are going to be broadcast one day? And how did she get hold of that SWAT van?

4. What do the flags with numbers mean?

Lennie James as Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead

Al, Morgan and John took the banner with number 51 on it, which Al said had been popping up all over the place. What do the banners mean and what do the numbers refer to?

5. Where is Madison?

Danay Garcia and Colman Domingo in Fear the Walking Dead

The old Fear gang were nearly all together except for one important figure – Madison Clark.

Kim Dickens’ character was the one figure we know survived the dam explosion at the end of season 3, but why was she not with the others at the side of the road.

And have the old survivors been driven to desperate measures and broken bad? It was a pretty nasty trick they pulled on the new cast – what dark events could have driven characters as honourable as Alicia and Luciana to such deception?

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