Fear the Walking Dead - 5 burning questions after this week’s episode

The stunning twist at the end of this week’s episode reveals the season four villains and leaves us with plenty of burning questions.

Speaking on Talking Dead: Fear Edition, Kim Dickens said that the thing she was most excited for viewers to watch in Fear the Walking Deads fourth season was the “suspense”.

It’s a word that perfectly sums up the latest run of the AMC series, which is shifting around with timelines and stacking up mysteries to be solved in a way we’ve never seen before on the show.

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Fear the Walking Dead

A large chunk of this week's episode was set in a baseball stadium called The Diamond, the latest ‘safe haven’ for Madison and the survivors. However, in a devilish twist, youngster Charlie turned out to be a spy who has been killing off all their crops with weevils and releasing their secrets.

Charlie was working for a new group of villains nicknamed The Vultures, who are camped up outside The Diamond, waiting to swoop in when Madison and co run dry of resources/throw up the white flag.

Here are five burning questions after season 4 episode 2, Another Day In The Diamond.

1. What is the deal with The Vultures?

Fear the Walking Dead

Mel, Charlie, their lawn chairs and musical bicycle routines make The Vultures the creepiest villains in Fear the Walking Dead yet.
What they lack in physical menace, they make up for with cunning and the idea of rounding up walkers as weaponry and a defence shows they’re smart.

How evil the group are – we haven’t seen them kill anyone yet – but their cockiness and casual nature makes them more intimidating than gun-firing villains.

2. What has caused Nick's PTSD?

Fear the Walking Dead

While Madison, Strand, Alicia and Luciana look relatively calm and almost happy with life in the Diamond, Nick is struggling.

He’s content learning some new farming techniques and within the safety net of the Diamond, but the trauma of the dam explosion and whatever happened after that is still deeply troubling him. It will be fascinating to discover what is the root of the darkness in Nick’s troubled soul.

3. What happened between the Diamond and the roadside ambush?

Fear the Walking Dead

Even with the Vultures waiting outside, life in the Diamond looks pretty swell for the Clarks and co. So how did they end up dragged out and so desperate that they would attack Morgan, John and Al.

Speaking on Talking Dead, Alycia Debnam-Carey claimed that fans hoping for Alicia to go "full mental – this is the season for your". We’ll have to wait and see what it is that flipped her switch and tipped her over the edge.

4. What is Naomi's story?

Fear the Walking Dead

The backstories for all the new arrivals in season 4 have yet to be fleshed out, but Naomi (Jenna Elfman) is definitely the most mysterious so far.

She was discovered by Madison and Alicia and was involved in an oily, sticky infected calamity that nearly killed her new acquaintances.

Madison and the group were willing to forgive their quiet and unforthcoming guest, but she won't be able to keep her past secret forever.

5. Where is Madison NOW?

Fear the Walking Dead

The jumping timelines mean that it’s easy to forget we still haven’t seen Kim Dickens in the ‘NOW’ storyline. The Clarks, Strand and Luciana are in a dark place, but they haven’t mentioned whether Madison is alive or dead.

It’s a deliberate tease from the writers, which looks like it will play a key part in season 4, but that doesn’t stop it being any more nail-biting for fans.

Did the Vultures take out Madison and her leather jacket? We don’t even want to think about it.

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