Fear the Walking Dead - 5 burning questions after this week’s episode

Where is Madison? Who is Naomi? Will we ever be able to go on a water slide again?

Every episode of Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season has ratcheted up the tension several notches, piling up the mysteries with its cleverly knotted together timelines.

We’re still none the wiser as to Madison’s fate and whereabouts in the present day timeline and it’s also not been revealed how the Vultures turned the poetic and peaceful Nick into a blood-thirsty killer.

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However, the fourth episode of the season did tease out several nuggets of information of set out the course for the remaining episodes as Alicia, Strand and Luciana seek out revenge.

Here are the burning questions after episode 4 Buried

1. Is Laura/Naomi really dead?

Jenna Elfman in Fear the Walking Dead

John’s discovery of Laura/Naomi’s backpack means Jenna Elfman’s character becomes even more mysterious. Why does she have a dual identity? Is Alicia really telling the truth about her dying or does she just presume she died?

Next week’s episode will focus on John and Laura/Naomi’s backstory, so we might finally get some answers to those questions along with a rare Fear the Walking Dead love story.

2. Can Strand ever change?

Victor Strand

Ever since we first met Victor Strand locked up with Nick in season one, the slick-talking businessman has only ever been truly looking out for number one. Madison, Nick and Alicia seem to have come to terms with that and accept him for his faults, but it was still a shock after the events of season 3 to see Strand plotting an escape route from the Diamond stadium for himself if things turn sour. Strand’s selfishness has arguably kept him alive in the apocalypse, so we won’t be wishing him to change too much.

3. Do we believe Vulture Mel's origin story?

Fear the Walking Dead

Mel and Madison’s barbecue chit-chat revealed the tragic origins of the Vultures as Mel revealed that his family and settlement were killed off in a fire.

Madison wrongly believed that Mel and his brother Ennis had failed to persuade his community to move on, but the dark truth was the reverse. It was Mel’s idea to stay and they were the only two to escape a horrible death.

There is no reason we have to take anything Mel says as the truth, but the story does offer some believable context to the Vulture lifestyle and hints at the sinister edge to their leader.

4. Will you ever get on a water slide again?

Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia and Naomi/Laura’s action sequence at the water park was the most thrilling moment of season 4 so far. The duo faced off against a disgusting mass of zombies in a terrifying sequence that has put us off visiting a swimming pool for a while.

5. Where's Madison? And what fuelled Nick’s anger?

Fear the Walking Dead - Kim Dickens

We’ve been asking since episode one, but where is Madison and is she alive? Is her disappearance behind Nick’s shift to violence and what could have happened to his mum to push him down such a dark path?

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