Halt and Catch Fire: 8 glorious pieces of 80s nostalgia in the AMC drama

This US drama series will take you back to a decade of great music, new technology and bad hair.

Doing for the 1980s computer wars what Mad Men did for 1960s ad agencies, Halt and Catch Fire will transport you back to the decade of yuppies, leg-warmers and VHS.

Getting its network premiere on AMC on Tuesday, September 5th at 9pm – exclusive to BT customers - the show is a critically acclaimed cult hit that is filled with dark drama, emotional stories and a little bit of nostalgia.

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Here are 8 moments in Halt and Catch Fire which will take every 80s kid back to their youth.

1. The hair

Halt and Catch Fire

We’re not sure any of us pulled off the big hair or excess of hairspray as well as Kerry Bishé does playing Donna Clark, but she brought back plenty of memories.

Mackenzie Davis’s stylish rebel Cameron Howe and Lee Pace’s slick Joe MacMillan comb-over are also great throwbacks to the decade, even if they’re nowhere near as embarrassing as our photo album.

2. The fashion

Halt and Catch Fire

The 80s was an age of stark contrasts. On the one hand, lurid leg-warmers were suddenly acceptable. On the other, dour suits, brown or grey shirts, naff polo necks and terrible ties were also common office fashion disasters.

Halt and Catch Fire brings back cringe-inducing memories of the latter.

3. Speak and Spell

Halt and Catch Fire

In the pilot episode, the Clarks children are desperately trying to play with their broken Speak and Spell toy.

Kids today, loaded with tablets and smart phones couldn’t possibly appreciate the joy of this technology.

4. Return of the Jedi

Halt and Catch Fire

In the opening episode, Joe and Gordon meet outside a cinema showing Return of the Jedi. The queues at the multiplex, the dazzling lights and buzz outside the building hark back to the days when the big screen was king.

There was no waiting for downloads or Netflix to get a film in the 1980s.

5. Arcade machines

Halt and Catch Fire

Kids today expect computer thrills at home with a PlayStation or X-Box. But in the old days, gamers had to leave their dark rooms and head outside and visit… a dark room.

Cameron’s old coin-on-a-string trick to free games on arcade machines will ring true for naughty 80s youths.

6. Incredible music

One of the greatest ever TV soundtracks, Halt and Catch Fire erases bad memories of Agadoo and The Birdie Song and brings together all the coolest cuts of the decade along with some modern classics with an 80s vibe.

In the first episode, we get XTC, The Clash and The Vandals and it doesn't left that incredible standard slip.

7. The awesome theme tune

Danish electronic star Trentemøller’s haunting track is pulsating, electrifying and a perfect slice of retro 80s nostalgia.

8. The computer wars

Halt and Catch Fire

At the heart of Halt and Catch Fire is a David v Goliath story of the home computer wars as independents take on the corporate giants in the race to create the fastest and cheapest product

Every 80s nerd will love the throwbacks to the days when coding, programming and battling with giants like IBM were at the heart of a revolution.

Watch Halt and Catch Fire from the beginning on AMC – BT TV Channel 332/381 HD. Catch up on episodes you miss on the BT Player.

Halt and Catch Fire starts on AMC on Tuesday, September 5th at 9pm with a double-bill.

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