Hap and Leonard on AMC and BT TV: What is the show about? Who are the stars? How can I watch? What time is it on?

Everything you need to know about the thrilling drama series on AMC.

What is Hap and Leonard about?

Set in the late 1980s, Hap and Leonard is a darkly comic swamp noir story of two best friends, one femme fatale, a crew of washed-up revolutionaries, a pair of murderous psycho-killers, some lost loot, and the fuzz.

Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, the six-hour series event follows Hap Collins, an East Texas white boy with a weakness for Southern women, and Leonard Pine, a gay, black Vietnam vet with a hot temper.

When Hap’s seductive ex-wife Trudy resurfaces with a deal they can’t refuse, a simple get-rich-quick scheme snowballs into bloody mayhem. Chock full of eccentric characters, Hap and Leonard provides a country twist on the classic mystery thriller.

Hap and Leonard on AMC

When does it start?

Series one premieres on AMC in the UK on Tuesday, March 7th.

What time is it on?

The six episode series airs at 9pm. It will also be available on BT TV Catch-Up.

How do I watch it on BT TV?

AMC is the drama channel, exclusive to BT customers. Tune it to BT TV channel 332/381 HD. BT Sport Pack subscribers can watch on Sky Guide Channel 192.

AMC is the home of Fear the Walking Dead, Ride with Norman Reedus and will premiere Pierce Brosnan's The Son and highly anticpated anthology series The Terror in 2017.

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Who are the stars of Hap and Leonard?

Hap Collins (James Purefoy)

James Purefoy in Hap and Leonard

Hap Collins is a former ’60s activist who spent time in prison after refusing to be drafted to fight in Vietnam. Now in his forties and down on his luck after losing his job, Hap is easily lured into helping his ex-wife, Trudy, for whom he holds a special torch, when she resurfaces with dreams and promises of finding sunken treasure near his hometown.

James Purefoy is an accomplished and versatile actor of the stage and screen for nearly three decades, James Purefoy is best known for playing Joe Carroll on Fox’s The Following and Mark Antony on the award-winning HBO series Rome.

Leonard Pine (Michael Kenneth Williams)

Michael Kenneth Williams in Hap and Leonard

Leonard Pine is an openly gay, black Vietnam War vet with a bad temper. He has a deeply cruel relationship with his Uncle Chester, who shunned him after learning he was gay. After being laid off from his job – and happy to run away from his complex relationships at home – Leonard joins Hap in the search for the sunken treasure in hopes of making a life-changing score.

Michael Kenneth Williams is one of this generation’s most respected and acclaimed actors. Williams is best known for his work on The Wire, which ran for five seasons on HBO. The wit and humour that Williams brought to Omar, the whistle-happy, profanity-averse, drug-dealer-robbing stickup man, earned him high praise and made Omar one of television’s most memorable characters.

Trudy Fawst (Christina Hendricks)

Christina Hendricks in Hap and Leonard

Trudy Fawst is Hap’s ex-wife and a constant wedge between Hap and Leonard. She doesn’t hesitate to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants, all in the name of peace and free love. Back when she met Hap she was going to be a great artist, but the closest she got was dressing mannequins in store windows.

Christina Hendricks is best known for her portrayal of Joan Holloway on AMC’s critically acclaimed series Mad Men. Hendricks’ portrayal of Joan has earned the actress six Emmy® nominations and two Critics Choice Television Awards in the category of Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Watch Hap and Leonard, Tuesdays at 9pm on AMC – the drama channel exclusive to BT customers.

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