The Terror: 5 chilling moments from episode 8 - Terror Camp Clear

Hold on tight for an action-packed emotional rollercoaster of an episode…

We’ve reached the home stretch of The Terror and if you haven’t quite recovered from last week’s shocking episode which saw the culling of several main characters, brace yourself – this episode is jam-packed with revelations, deaths and even the return of our old furry friend, Tuunbaq.

Here are five highlights from Terror Camp Clear.

1. RIP Inuit family

the terror

When Hickey returns to camp, he puts the blame on the Inuits for Irving and Hodgson’s horrific deaths and confesses to murdering the entire Inuit family as retribution.

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He has also taken all of their meat and supplies – presumedly to aid him in his next scheme. We suspect that will be the last time any Inuits offer any sort of aid to the remaining crew…

2. Fitzjames confesses all

fitzjames the terror

Fitzjames and Crozier trek to a cairn where they drop off what seems like a help letter for potential rescuers. If you recall at the beginning of the series these two were seriously at odds, and in a classic case of old vs new seemed destined to be enemies.

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But in a heart-breaking scene, Fitzjames opens up to Crozier. Not only is Fitzjames dying of lead poisoning and is gradually losing his mind – but he also confesses to Crozier that he is ‘a fake’. Laying his cards on the table, he admits to his bastard status and that he’s ‘not even fully English’.

Crozier in turn responds in a touching fatherly manner and tells Fitzjames that they are equal and brothers – reducing the up to now terrifically stoic Fitzjames to tears.

3. Hickey’s last words?

hickey the terror

Crozier has never liked Hickey and he certainly doesn’t believe his tall tale and justification for murdering a family of Inuits. And upon inspection of Irving’s corpse, Dr Goodsir discovers the ingested whale meat – exposing Hickey’s lies.

Sentenced to death by hanging, Hickey attempts to redeem himself by relaying the secrets he knows about Crozier – including that he considered abandoning the crew to save himself prior to Franklin’s death.

4. Welcome back Tuunbaq

the terror episode 8

But this is not the last we see of spineless Hickey as Tuunbaq conveniently chooses this very moment to reappear. As the crew scramble for safety, Tuunbaq kills what appears to be at least a dozen sailors; the chaos allows Hickey and his rebellious followers to flee the scene unharmed.

5. Collins’ supernatural exit

collins the terror

Collins, who had already complained to Goodsir of his mounting ailments, goes out with a bang. High on cocaine and wine stolen from Goodsir’s tent, he seemingly leads Tuunbaq to the hanging scene. Laughing manically, he’s eventually eaten by the demonic polar bear and it even appears that his soul is inhaled too. Is this how Tuunbaq operates, gaining strength from the souls he eats?

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