Who is Luke Pasqualino? A look back at the Snatch and Our Girl star’s best shows

The young British actor is going to be on our screens a lot this autumn, so we look at our favourite moments in his career so far.

Luke Pasqualino is one of Britain’s most exciting young talents. Since bursting on to TV with Skins in 2009, the dashing young star has rarely been off our screens.

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This autumn, he will return with two big new drama series. He stars opposite Michelle Keegan in the latest run of war drama Our Girl and leads the cast of AMC’s Snatch, the TV series of the classic Guy Ritchie film.

Ahead of these new series, here are five of Pasqualino’s best screen characters so far...

1. Freddie in Skins

Luke Pasqualino

The E4 teen drama’s second batch of characters faced a daunting challenge of matching the phenomenally successful first series.

Amazingly, Pasqualino, Kaya Scodelario and Jack O’Connell managed to make us care even more about the shpw’s second batch of characters as they took the pop culture phenomenon to a new level.

Pasqualino’s character, Freddie Mclair was the cool kid in the gang and his on-off romance with Effy (Scodelario) and explosive friendship with Cool (O’Connell) was the heartbeat of the show.

When Freddie was killed off in the most brutal fashion, it stunned fans and left them heartbroken as they were robbed of the happy ending that so many thought Freddie and Effy deserved.

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2. D'Artagnan in The Musketeers

Luke Pasqualino

From a heartbreaking death in Skins to breaking hearts with his dashing heroics in the BBC adaptation of The Musketeers.

The underrated BBC series started in 2014 and lasted for three series of swashbuckling action.

Joining Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera and Howard Charles, Pasqualino was cast as the sizzling, impulsive and romantic D’Artagnan.

From his incredible sword-fighting to his incredible flowling locks, the heartthrob character was a fan favourite.

3. Elvis Harte in Our Girl

Luke Pasqualino

Cheeky Londoner Elvis Harte was a bit of a departure for Pasqualino as his character broke the heart of Michelle Keegan’s Georgie at the start of the show’s second series.

Not turning up on their wedding day was an act that took a while for us to forgive. However, the passionate and tumultuous relationship between the pair looks likely to continue into the third series this autumn.

Elvis is fearless, self-confident and cool under pressure and after fighting in wars around the world, he is still determined to win one final battle - mending Georgie’s broken heart.

4. Albert Hill in Snatch

Luke Pasqualino

Albert is an aspirational young man who dreams of bettering himself. Smart, handsome, charming and a bit of a thinker as well as being a doer, Albert constantly strives to ensure that he doesn’t end up like his father, Vic Hill, an infamous London gangster who got sent down when Albert was only ten years old.

Pasqualino goes full cockney hustler in this cool British classic, which will be premiering on AMC in the UK in October.

He is joined in the ensemble by young British stars including Rupert Grint, Lucien Laviscount and Phoebe Dynevor.

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5. Grey in Snowpiercer

Pasqualino’s biggest film role to date came in the crictically acclaimed science fiction thriller Snowpiercer.

Directed by Bong Joon-Hu and starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt and Ed Harris, the film made many critics lists for the best films of 2014.

Pasqualino’s character was John Hurt’s character, a muscular, agile, fast-moving warrior with some serious knife skills.
Speaking about the film, Pasqualino said: "I got to work with a dream cast and Bong who I think is frankly a genius. I feel very lucky and privileged to be given the opportunity.”

Snatch premieres in the UK on October 31 at 10pm on AMC.

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