Making of the Mob: Chicago – 5 reasons you must watch the AMC gangster series

The docu-drama series takes us inside the mind of Al Capone and spans across a century of real life gangster drama.

Making of the Mob: Chicago is your new must-watch series from AMC – exclusive to BT customers.

Starting on Sunday (February 25th) at 9pm – BT TV channel 332/381 HD, the series tells the stories of Al Capone, his crime syndicate The Outfit and how he went from young family man to ruthless mobster, achieving a legacy that means he remains one of Chicago’s most notorious characters.

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The series follows Capone’s early days in New York, through his move to Chicago – to the battles, bootlegging operations and violent rivalries during Prohibition. As Capone consolidated power, he achieved legendary status for his ruthless tactics and over-the-top lifestyle that attracted the wrath of President Herbert Hoover.

Here are five reasons to make an appointment with the mob on your BT box.

1. A different take on Al Capone

Making the Mob

It’s likely you’ve seen at least one portrayal of Al Capone on screen, but Aussie Michael Kotsohilis’s performance isn’t like any version of Capone you’ve seen before.

“You talk about Untouchables, Godather, Scarface, Boardwalk Empire. I didn’t want to base it on any of those portrayals,” he said.

“I wanted to bring in his family, how that drove him and how he changed from a young man to a cold-blooded killer.

“I also wanted to show the smart side of him. There was more to Capone than just a cold-blooded killer.”

“He had all the marketing techniques. He knew how to present himself and make himself a people’s person. When they tried to prosecute him, nobody would turn up because people liked him so much. He used to open soup kitchens for the poor and people really loved him.”

2. Incredible insight

Making the Mob

Making the Mob blends documentary footage and interviews with brutal and violent drama in an original and immersive style.
Featuring incredible access to historians, authors, actors, law enforcement personnel and family members, the show lifts the lid on the real lives of those involved in the Chicago mob and the people went up against them.

Actors Vincent Pastore and Michael Madsen; New York Times best-selling author and Al Capone expert, Jonathan Eig, and former Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman are among those offering expert insight.

3. Al Capone's life story is incredible

Making the Mob

Al's rise and fall might read on paper like a traditional story of a villain who got greedy, but it’s the nuances, myths and legends about the mobster that make him one of the most fascinating figures of the 20th century.

His violence and brutality is well-documented, but did you know that he was originally a bookkeeper and accountant, before he met Johnny Torrio.

Did you also know he is behind the introduction of “sell by” dates on milk bottles. Depending on you believe, it was either because he was upset after a relative had been sick from gone off milk or it was because he spotted a way of making money off all the stamping equipment that he had a monopoly on. We’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

4. Larger than life characters

Making the Mob

It isn’t all about Capone. The series focuses on several historical figures from Chicago’s underworld.

Paulo Rotundo plays Capone’s mentor, Johnny Torrio, a man who took advantage of Chicago’s Prohibition laws, but who also tried to avoid war with rivals whenever possible.

Jason Fitch brings Tony ‘Joe’ Accardo to life, Capone’s bodyguard who ends up taking over the organisation. A man with a meathead enforcer reputation, who actually had book smarts to match his street smarts.

Emmett Skilton plays Sam Giancana, Accardo’s protégé, who looked after the Outfit’s business in Las Vegas. Loud, hot-tempered and defiant, he was a dangerous and impetuous figure that you didn’t want to cross.

5. The story overlaps with the huge historial events

Making the Mob

Capone’s life is such a fascinating part of US history because it crosses over into so many other huge events and significant figures in the story of modern America.

From attracting the wrath of President Herbert Hoover to going head-to-head in courtroom with Robert F Kennedy, Capone’s gang are intertwined with some of the most powerful people in American history.

The Making of the Mob: Chicago begins on AMC Sunday 25th February at 9pm.

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