Ride with Norman Reedus: Five reasons the show needs to come to the UK

Why the Walking Dead star needs to bring his bike on tour to Blighty in 2018.

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is currently touring the world on a motorbike for the second season of his stunning travelogue show Ride.

The AMC series follows Norman and his showbiz pals hitting the road, checking out some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and making some special friendships along the way.

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Celebrating biker culture, incredible secret travel destinations and mouthwatering food, Ride is addictive, must-watch TV on Wednesdays – BT TV channel 332/381.

Season 2 has seen Norman head out of the US for the first time, visiting Spain with his Walking Dead co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

However, we think the Daryl Dixon actor has missed a trick by not bringing his leathers and helmet for a ‘Ride’ in the UK.

Here are five reasons Norman should head to Britain in 2018 for season 3:

1. The beautiful British countryside

Norman Reedus

In season two, Norman has toured the incredible Falles festival in Valencia, the beauty of Barcelona, the incredible Los Angeles from LA to Joshua Tree and the epic landscapes of Savannah, Georgia and White Sands, New Mexico.

What could Britain offer to rival those trips? How about a journey down to the Cornish coast or the jaw-dropping beauty of the Lake District? The Welsh valleys, the Scottish Highlands, the Yorkshire Dales, the Norfolk Broads, the historic landmarks of London… the possibilities are endless.

2. Norman needs some slap-up British grub

Ride with Norman Reedus

Every Ride episode features Norman sampling a local delicacy recommended by his biker buddies, so Norman needs to get his chops into some of the UK’s finest slap-up meals.

He could start with a British fry-up, tuck into some fish and chips for lunch, end the day with a Yorkshire pudding and snack away on Scotch eggs and pork pies. Actually, he might need a new gym membership when the Ride ends.

3. British Walking Dead fans



We saw the incredible Spanish Walking Dead fans following Norman in the streets and markets in the season two premiere episode. British Walking Dead fans might be able to take things to the next level and deserve a chance to share the love.

4. Norman is a UK fanatic

Norman Reedus

Not only is Norman a huge fan of the UK, he did live here for a brief period before he became a global star.

He told AMC UK: “I love the UK! I used to live in Tooting Bec…at the end of the Northern line near Clapham Common. I used to go to that park all the time. I have a lot of friends there, I really like it. I’ve always really liked the culture and history and the architecture and people. It’s one of my favourite places.”

Let’s bring Norman back to Tooting – he even could start the episode in the local Lido.

5. Norm and Becks

David Beckham

Norman will need a British companion for his travels, so who could he choose? His British Walking Dead co-star Andrew Lincoln would be a dream for fans – #RickandDarylOnTour.

However, we think one of the British influences on the making of Ride – either Ewan McGregor or David Beckham – would be a perfect tour guide. As fellow biker enthusiasts, they would have plenty to bond about and both would know some great secret UK biker hangouts.

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