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Pierce Brosnan and the creators take us behind the scenes on the gripping new AMC drama - exclusive to BT customers.

If you missed the premiere of AMC's thrilling Western saga The Son, don't worry there's still plenty of time to catch-up on the Pierce Brosnan drama.

BT TV customers can watch the first episode of the show on the BT Player now. New episodes will be added each week, so viewers can watch when it suits them. 

The new episodes premiere on AMC - BT TV channel 332/381 HD and Sky Guide channel 192 for BT Sport Pack customers.

Hit play above to watch Pierce Brosnan, his co-stars and the creators of The Son take us behind the scenes of the premiere episode.

The Son episode  on AMC - exclusive to BT customers

(The Son on AMC episode 2 - exclusve to BT customers)

Speaking about the introduction of the show's lead character Eli McCullough, executive producer and showrunner Kevin Murphy said: "Eli grew up in such a horrible context and rough world that he believes the natural state of man is brutality."

Brosnan added: "[Eli] is not such a sentamentialist. Slit your throat, go for the juggular - he doesn't suffer fools. Yet, as he's lived the life he lives, he knows things move forward and fall apart."

The Son on AMC - exclusive to BT customers

(The Son episode two on AMC - exclusive to BT customers

Episode 2 of The Son, titled The Plum Tree, airs on Tuesday, April 25th at 9pm.

The drama continues as Young Eli must learn how to live among the Comanches in 1849. Meanwhile, in 1915, Eli and Pete clash over how to respond to an unexpected attack on their home.

Watch AMC's The Son, Tuesdays at 9pm or catch up now on the BT Player.

AMC is BT TV channel 332/381 HD and available for BT Sport Pack customers on Sky Guide channel 192.

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