Inside AMC's The Son: The making of Pierce Brosnan's epic new family saga

The cast and creators of the epic Western talk about how Philip Meyer's novel was taken from the book to screen.

AMC's epic new family saga, The Son, premieres in the UK – exclusive to BT customers.

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Pierce Brosnan stars as Eli McCullough, a man whose personal and family history align with the birth of Texas and the origins of modern America.

The show covers two timelines and the modern era, follows Eli and his family heading into the oil industry and battling for land and power with their neighbours.

"The Wild West is drawing to a close, we're on the verge of the jazz age and America is becoming an industrial superpower," says showrunner Kevin Murphy.

The earlier timeline tells the story of a young Eli, who has a traumatic upbringing after having his family killed by Native Americans.

The Son on AMC

Pierce Brosnan said: "Eli saw this savagery of the demise of his mother and family at the hands of the Comanche and then he's brought up by the Comanche and he comes a Comanche – there’s a duality to the man."

Author and co-creator of the show Philipp Meyer explained: "I wanted to take the most interesting parts of history and put them in one family. So we’re looking at the history of the US and we’re looking at it through one family and instead of 30 to 40 years, we’re doing it over 150 years."

Explaining the underlying story of The Son, Murphy said: "The Son is about how America became America and America’s long-standing relationship with violence."

Meyer added: "It is a no-nonsense deep dive into why we are the way we are now."

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