The Son on AMC season one, episode one - First Son of Texas: 5 talking points

Did you miss Pierce Brosnan's highly anticipated return to TV? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Episode one, The First Son of Texas, introduced us to the show’s two timelines. In 1859, we’re following a young Eli McCullough (Jacob Lofland), who loses his entire family to a Comanche attack and is taken prisoner by the Native Americans.

Meanwhile, in the 1915 storyline, we’re introduced to Eli as an elder stateman in Texas (Pierce Brosnan), who wants to move into the oil trade to protect his family’s future. He’s a grandfather, a ranch owner, powerful and notorious.

The two timelines are positioned in eras of transitions in Texas. The shift of power from Native Americans to Europeans in 1859 and the leap into the modern age in 1915.

Here are the five key talking points from episode one:

1. Is Eli a hero or villain?

The Son episode 1

Eli McCullough is a fascninating TV anti-hero. In one moment he is brutal and fearsome and the next he is a caring and loving grandfather.

Not only are we watching two different Elis across the different stages of his life, we’re also seeing a complex and nuanced character within each timeline.

Has Eli’s history turned him into a monster? Or is he just a patriach doing whatever it takes for the love of his family?

2. Can Pete escape his father’s shadow?

The Son episode 1

Pete McCullough is a very different man to his father. Eli uses Pete to deal with the parts of the family business that don’t interest him and his son is the head of their ranch in name only.

Eli’s belief in war and willingness to resort to violence are not shared by his oldest son. But does Pete’s vision for a more peaceful future have any real influence on what’s really going on in the McCullough household?

Although Pierce Brosnan’s Eli burns through TV screens like the Texas son, Pete is a character we feel more drawn towards as he’s leaning in the direction of the light rather than darkness and violence.

3. What will happen with Sally and Pete's relationship?

The Son episode 1

The show’s power relationships are largely dominated by men, but there are two key female figures already in The Son.

Young Sydney Lucas has a powerful hold over her father and grandfather as Jeannie McCullough, a young girl who is intuitive beyond her years.

Jeannie’s power and influence will grow during the series, but her mother and father’s relationship was particularly fascinating in the opening episode.

Sally (Jess Weixler) fantastises about a life beyond South Texas and despite being a resolute and strong matriach, there are clearly fractures in her marriage.

She was warmer with Pete’s brother Phineas (David Wilson Barnes) than she was her husband, whose eyes appeared to be wandering elsewhere in the premiere.

4. How will Eli's relationship with the Comanche develop?

The Son episode 1

In 1859, the Comanche have murdered Eli’s family and taken him prisoner. In 1915, the Comanche’s relatives are smoking pipes and celebrating Eli’s birthday on his ranch.

How Eli's relationship with the Native Americans is transformed from enemies to allies will be incredible to watch.

5. Horse chases, brutal attacks and tragedy

The Son episode 1

The Son isn't going to be as brutal and bloody as some of our other AMC favourites such as Fear the Walking Dead and Hap and Leonard. However, that’s not to say it’s for the faint-hearted.

From the brutal treatment of Young Eli by the Comaches to Eli’s own attacks on anyone who dares trample on his oil empire dreams, The Son doesn’t hold any punches and is a realistic portrait of a violent world

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