The Son: Henry Garrett talks about that big episode two twist

The Pete McCullough actor explains what the final scenes will mean for the character’s future and the change of tone of the rest of the season.

The Son’s second episode, The Plum Tree, took a dramatic twist in its finale, which is likely to alter the course of the rest of the first season for the all the show’s lead characters.

Pete McCullough (Henry Garrett) had been determined to not walk in his father Eli’s footsteps, choosing to free the man behind the McCullough oil rig fire.

He untied Cesar, warning him that he must leave for Mexico and never return, saving him from his Eli’s brutal physical attacks.

However, when Cesar was untied he betrayed Pete’s trust and attacked the cattle rancher. Pete was forced to take drastic action, fighting and killing Cesar and then burying him.

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The events are the first major twist in the first season and we spoke to Henry Garrett about the significance of the scenes.

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Why do you think the closing moments of episode two are so important for this show?

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I think it’s a defining moment in the season for Pete. It’s not nice for him that his goodwill is thrown back at him. Also, for him there is almost inevitability about everything.

He can put a good intention into an act, but he still has to be violent. And he doesn’t want to be and he tries to stay away from it, but then he’s really questioning whether it’s inevitable that he has to be violent, whether he has to be like his father and whether he has to go down this route. He can’t avoid it.



What do you think this means for Pete going forward?

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This is his fight for the rest of the season – to avoid violence and make his own path. And there’s a few knock on effects from this incident and a few more events to come, which back up this belief for Pete that he can’t escape this. He also can’t escape what his father is saying is right and that there is only one way to solve these issues and that is with a gun. He does fight against that and try to escape.

How will these events alter his relationship with his daughter Jeannie?

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Part of Pete’s reason for being is to protect his family from what he experienced as a young kid. His daughter witnessing some of the fallout from the events in episode 2 breaks his heart because he feels like he’s failed in one of his primary jobs, to protect his kids and protect her.

He also sees the way she looks after Eli and loves Eli. That is hard for Pete because he doesn’t want Jeannie to think Eli’s methods and ways are right. There is a tug of war between Pete and Eli over Jeannie.

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Jeannie is a really intriguing character…

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The great thing about the character of Jeannie is that she’s very independent and she asks awkward questions, ones her older brothers might not ask. She questions the world and what Pete does. She’s going to turn into a fascinating character over the season and hopefully many seasons to come.

Do you think Pete is naïve in his attitude to life in Texas?

I actually think he’s being strong in a way, even when other people may think he’s being naïve. He does have moments of insecurity about it all, but he has a moral code that he wants to stick by and I think it’s better to do that than to commit acts you don’t think are right.

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