The Terror: 5 chilling moments from episode 4

Catch up on the critically acclaimed AMC series starring Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies and Ian Hart.

After last week’s especially depressing episode in which we lost the expedition’s leader Sir John Franklin, you might think things couldn’t get any darker. But somehow in this new episode aptly named Punished, as a Boy, things manage to go from bad to worse and from scary to simply terrifying.

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Here we recap five of the most memorable moments from the pivotal fourth episode…

When will the rescue plan begin?

the terror

It’s been two years since Franklin’s Lost Expedition set sail in search of the Northwest Passage – and those they left behind haven’t had word of their progress. Suffice to say, the crew’s families have reason for grave concern, and Franklin’s wife, Lady Jane Franklin and his niece Sophia Cracroft demand an explanation at the Royal Society.

The Society attempts to reassure them with empty promises and flattery on Franklin’s abilities but Lady Franklin is quick to rebuff them and demands to know their plan. One Society member declares he won’t panic until 1850 – still several years into the future.

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As they leave the stuffy headquarters, any rescue attempt seems unlikely, but Lady Franklin declares she may raise money for a search effort herself. Tragically little does she know that her husband, Sir John Franklin, has already fallen victim to The Terror…

The Terror strikes again

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The Terror is back for more blood, and this time the still unseen creature attacks Royal Marine William Heather on deck – ripping off the top of his skull. Soon after another crew member, William Strong, is reported missing out on the ice and a rescue team disembarks.

This ends in further disaster when one of the ship’s boys, Thomas Evans, comes to an untimely end at the clutches of The Terror – for which Captain Crozier blames himself.  

A first hint at cannibalism

If you’ve researched Franklin’s Lost Expedition you’ll have likely come across the assumption that the crew would have resorted to cannibalism. This is hinted at when poor Heather is taken to the doctor’s quarters to be patched up.

Although Heather is still breathing, he’s clearly not long for this world. With the top of his skull literally pulled off, Doctor Goodsir creepily describes his exposed brain as looking ‘like a pudding’. Could this be an eerie anticipation of what is to come?

A flogging for Cornelius

the terror cornelius hickey

Cornelius Hickey has proved himself to be a fairly likeable rebel so far, and this episode he sparks a virtual mutiny amongst the crew. Convinced that it is Lady Silence who is summoning the monster in revenge for her father’s death, he and two other crew members go onto the ice and capture her.

But they are far from praised for taking matters into their own hands and Captain Crozier orders a whopping 30 lashes ‘as a boy’ – sailor speak for on the bum rather than back. The crew grimace as they watch blood spurt out of Cornelius’ backside, spraying several members.

Are they fearful of a similar punishment? Or could this extreme punishment spark further rebellions? We have a feeling this will be revealed in little to no time at all…

Life aboard gets even more grim

the terror

As if life aboard the lost boats weren’t grim enough, this episode’s boat life descends into a hopeless bleakness. Contaminated food is cropping up time and time again – how long will it be until a crew member is seriously poisoned? Or when only inedible food remains?

Meanwhile crew member John Morfin complains about headaches only for Doctor Goodsir to discover that his gums have gone black. If The Terror doesn’t get him, it seems this sinister ailment certainly will…

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