The Terror: Meet the cast and characters of Ridley Scott's new AMC epic series

The anthology series is based on the best-selling book from Dan Simmons and will air in the UK – exclusive to BT customers.

AMC’s The Terror is one of the most highly anticipated dramas of 2018.

The ten-episode series is an epic suspense thriller, inspired by the true story of a Royal Navy voyage into unchartered territory.

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The Terror on AMC

The Terror highlights all that can go wrong when a group of men, desperate to survive, struggle not only with the elements, but with each other.

"The Terror captures a rare combination of fascinating history, complex and flawed characters, the inextinguishable human spirit and the horror and promise of an uncharted world," said executive producers and co-showrunners David Kajganich and Soo Hugh.

“We are looking forward to bringing viewers into this world."

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Meet the cast of the epic AMC series

Captain Francis Crozier – Played by Jared Harris

Jared Harris

Jared Harris is best known for his role as Lane Pryce in AMC’s award-winning series Mad Men. He’s also starred in the sci-fi series Fringe, Netlix period drama The Crown as George VI.

His film credits include Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Lincoln.

He is the son of Irish acting legend Richard Harris.

Captain James Fitzjames – Played by Tobias Menzies

Tobias Menzies

Tobias Menzies is best known for performances in the cult series Outlander, where he plays Jonathan ‘Black Jack’ Randall and Game of Thrones, which he stars in as Edmure Tully.

His film credits include Casino Royale, Atonement and Underworld: Blood Wars.

He’s best known for his impressive slate of British TV series including Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe, Charlie Mirror’s Black Mirror, BBC One’s The Night Manager and Silent Witness.

Captain John Franklin – Played by Ciaran Hinds

Ciaran Hinds

The Northern Irish actor has featured in films such as Road to Perdition, Munich, There Will Be Blood, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Last year, he starred in the Justice League movie as the main villain Steppenwolf.

His TV credits include Gaius Julius Caesar in the series Rome, DCI James Langton in Above Suspicion, Bud Hammond in Political Animals and Mance Rayder in Game of Thrones. 

Dr Henry Goodsir – Played by Paul Ready

Paul Ready

Paul Ready is best known to British TV fans for playing stay-at-home-dad Kevin in BBC comedy Motherland.

His other TV credits include the cop series Cuffs, The Tunnel and Channel 4's critically acclaimed horror thriller Utopia.

Cornelius Hickey – Played by Adam Nagitis

Adam Nagitis

Adam Nagaitis is best known to TV fans for his roles in Bronte sister drama To Walk Invisible, the mini-series Houdini and Doyle, BBC One hit Happy Valley and period drama Banished.

The Terror premieres in the UK – exclusive to BT customers.

UK viewers will be able to watch the two-hour series premiere on Tuesday, April 24th at 9pm on AMC – BT TV channel 332/381 HD.

BT Sport Pack customers will be able to watch on Sky Guide channel 192.

Photo Credit: Rex/Shutterstock

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