Who were The Outfit Mob? Meet Chicago's most notorious gangsters

Meet the infamous characters who appear on screen in AMC's new series Making of the Mob: Chicago.

Making of the Mob: Chicago is your new must-watch series from AMC – exclusive to BT customers.

Starting on Sunday (February 25th) at 9pm – BT TV channel 332/381 HD, the series tells the stories of Al Capone, his crime syndicate The Outfit and how he went from young family man to ruthless mobster, achieving a legacy that means he remains one of Chicago’s most notorious characters.

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Ahead of the new series, here is our guide to the Outfit Mob - the notorious characters at the heart of the series.

Al Capone - Played by Michael Kotsoholis

Making of the Mob

America’s most infamous gangster, Capone rises through the Chicago underworld to become the city’s most powerful mobster and create Chicago’s unmatched crime syndicate, known as "the Outfit".

Capone is defined by his duality. On one hand, he is a naturally charismatic, family-oriented, genuinely good person… He’s smart, good with numbers, loyal, and trustworthy from a young age. But on the flipside, he has a temper that can flare up into intense violence.

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Johnny Torrio - Played by Paolo Rotundo

Making of the Mob

Capone’s mentor, Torrio uses Prohibition to his advantage and creates a bootlegging empire in Chicago. Always one to prefer diplomacy to violence, Torrio tries to prevent war with competing gangs (like Dean O’Banion’s North Siders) by cutting deals with his enemies. Ultimately though, war with the other gangs in Chicago proves inevitable… and Torrio decides he’s gotten too old for the game, handing over the reins to his protégé, Capone.

Tony "Joe" Accardo - Played by Jason Fitch

Making of the Mob

Capone’s bodyguard who ends up taking over Capone’s organization, Accardo becomes America’s most successful gangster, able to keep his name out of the papers and himself out of prison. On the surface, he looks like just another meathead enforcer with no brain. But in reality, he’s constantly assessing the situation and his book smarts are equal to his street smarts.

He’s tough, easy to anger, assertive, and ruthless. This generates fear in his underlings and his enemies, though his men called him fair and calculated. While smart, he also knows when to look for advice from his top level advisors. But despite all of this, he feels people constantly underestimate him, so he’s always happy to prove himself through his actions.

Sam Giancana - Played by Emmett Skilton

Making of the Mob

Ricca and Accardo’s protégé, Giancana oversees the Outfit’s operations in Las Vegas. He’s ambitious, hot-tempered, loud, fun, and defiant… and that makes him dangerous. He knows how to read people and how to push their buttons. He’s impetuous and operates under the moto “it’s easier to get forgiveness than ask permission.” Despite being a gangster, Giancana loves the spotlight and basks in public attention, but doing so makes him the target of Robert F. Kennedy’s crackdown on the mob.

Paul Ricca - Played by Christopher Valente

Making of the Mob

Another one of Capone’s top lieutenants, Ricca is the voice of reason, the wise counselor and dealmaker who should have been boss after Capone went away, but his legal troubles disrupt the plan. His lifelong friendship with Joe Accardo paves the way for a half-century of the Outfit’s dominance over the underworld, during which time he advises Accardo from prison.

Frank Nitti - Played by Owen Black

Making of the Mob

Nitti is the oldest of Capone’s lieutenants. He comes into the Torrio/Capone gang during Prohibition as a whiskey smuggler, and within a few years, he works his way up to one of Capone’s top advisors. His tax evasion conviction tips Capone off to just how in-depth the Treasury Department’s investigations are into his gang. While Nitti is away, he discovers his intense claustrophobia. And when his Hollywood extortion racket gets busted, rather than go back to jail, he takes his own life.

The Making of the Mob: Chicago begins on AMC, Sunday 25th February at 9pm.

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