Buff bodies, bed-hopping and bust-ups – Ex On The Beach is back

Stars of TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Love Island are draped across the latest slice of sun-soaked shenanigans, so what can go wrong!

Banish your winter blues with a trip to a tropical island where the sun always shines, the sea’s always dazzling and volcanic rows can erupt at any moment – it’s time for the latest instalment of Ex On The Beach.

As always, a band of buffed, bronzed and tattoo-covered guys and gals are flown to a shimmering paradise for some fun in the sun until one of their exes arrives, plotting a rekindled romance or tantrum-based revenge.

And among the naked butlers, fashion designers and former escorts in the group are Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers and Zahida Allen, Nicole Bass from TOWIE and Love Island’s Joshua Ritchie. Don’t try this at home.

Dive into Ex On The Beach, Tuesdays, 10pm on MTV, BT TV channel 309.

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