5 reasons why Andi Mack will be your new Disney obsession

Andi Mack offers a modern take on the typical Disney school drama. Here’s why we think your kids are going to love it.

We’ve seen it so many times. A popular kid show set in an American middle school where the lead character faces various challenges and traumas – all while reinforcing morals and family values.

Disney Channel’s latest comedy drama Andi Mack may follow the tried-and-tested formula to a certain extent but it also has a few twists up its sleeve and make it both relatable and unique.

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Here’s why we think the whole family will enjoy Andi Mack.

There’s a shocking twist


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*WARNING: Spoilers!

In episode one of Andi Mack, the title star seems like your average 12-year-old. She lives with her loving family in a safe American suburb and has a great group of friends.

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However, her world is turned completely upside down when her cool older motorbike riding sister decides to move back in with the family after almost a lifetime away, on Andi’s 13th birthday.

Only then is a dramatic secret revealed. What for it…her sister Bex is not her sister at all – but her mother!

Feeling like her whole life has been built on a massive lie, things will now never be the same for Andi.

It’s got a lot of buzz


"She is relatable, grounded & authentic," says @peytonelizabethlee of her character. #AndiMack

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Andi Mack’s creator Terri Minsky also created Disney megahit series Lizzie McGuire which turned actress and singer Hilary Duff into a household name.

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It’s gaining lots of social media and critics buzz not just because of this, but also because of its unconventional and provocative central line.

Andi Mack is also the first time the Disney Channel has ever featured a majority Asian American family. And guess what? It's already been renewed for a second series.

There’s plenty of arts & crafts

Andi isn’t your run-of-the-mill American school kid. She's surprisingly intelligent and she has an absolute passion and natural talent for arts and crafts. In her garden she has 'Andi's Shack', a treehouse where she gets all of her arts and crafts done and also spills secrets with her closest friends, Buffy and Cyrus.

Bex mailed Andi scarfs from her travels throughout her life, and Andi has weaved these into a spectacular ceiling decoration. She’s also got a knack for making pricey looking jewellery at a fraction of the cost and is able to impress her friends and school crush with her talents.

It’s about family and friendship

andi mack family

Andi may have an unconventional family, but there’s one central theme running throughout – they all love her and want what’s best for her future. Her family tries to have regular sit-down meals accompanied by games and quality time.

Andi's also got plenty of friends at school, including her best mates Buffy and Cyrus who always have her back as she navigates school work, family life and even love.

There’s a love triangle

andi mack love triangle

 Andi may be all but 13-years-old but cupid has already struck its arrow. Andi has a huge crush on the school jock, Jonah.

Bex hopes to bring the two together by hiring Jonah to teach Andi how to play competitive frisbee after school. Only problem is, it’s soon revealed that Jonah has a girlfriend, Amber, who immediately sees Andi as a threat and is determined to stop her from winning Jonah over.

Season Two of Andi Mack airs Fridays at 5pm on Disney Channel and DisneyLife BT Channel 480

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