High Flying Bird: When is the Netflix film released? Who is in the cast? Everything you need to know

This Netflix Original movie, set in the fast-paced world of professional basketball, looks set to be one of the releases of the year.

The words 'TV movie' are no longer another way of saying 'not good enough for a cinema release' after Netflix Originals changed the face of the small-screen film. One of its offerings, Bird Box, became one of the TV talking points over Christmas, while Roma, distributed on the streaming service, has been nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

High Flying Bird, which has a top-notch team behind it, tells a compelling story about North America's pro basketball league, the NBA.

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We’ve got all you need to know about the film, including when it’s available on Netflix and who stars in it.

When is High Flying Bird on Netflix?

The Netflix Originals film is available on the streaming service from Friday, February 8.

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What is it about?

The NBA is in the midst of a pro basketball lockout. With no games taking place, sports agent Ray Burke is caught in the middle of a tricky situation.

He’s stuck between the league and the players as the two parties struggle to come to an agreement, and finds his own career on the line because of it.

But Ray is playing for even higher stakes – he has a daring plan and only 72 hours to make it work, but if he pulls it off, he could outmanoeuvre all of the power-players using a loophole that could change the game forever.

Addressing issues of race, wealth, and privilege, the lockout raises questions about who owns the game, and who should.

High Flying Bird is directed by Steven Soderbergh, whose impressive career has included Erin Brockovich, the Ocean’s Eleven series, Che: Parts One and Two, Magic Mike, and Behind the Candelabra.

The script comes from Tarell Alvin McCraney, who won an Oscar for writing Moonlight.

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Who stars in it?

Andre Holland (Moonlight, Selma, A Wrinkle in Time) stars as charismatic sports agent Ray Burke, whose plan to change the face of basketball inspires and frustrates his clients.

The cast also includes Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Deadpool 2), Melvin Gregg (American Vandal), Sonja Sohn (The Wire), Zachary Quinto (Heroes, American Horror Story, Star Trek), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives) and Bill Duke (X-Men: The Last Stand).

Basketball fans will be interested to see appearances from NBA athletes Reggie Jackson, Karl-Anthony Towns and Donovan Mitchell.

High Flying Bird will be available to watch on Netflix from Friday, February 8.

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