Orange is the New Black series 6 on Netflix. When does it start? Who's in it? Where is the new prison?

Orange is the New Black series six is streaming on Netflix now. Find out who is back and everything else we know about the new season so far…

Orange is the New Black has been a Netflix success story ever since it debuted in 2013. The prison comedy-drama has earned rave reviews and gained millions of fans around the world.

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Now onto its sixth series, here are all the juicy details about the upcoming episodes…

When does series six of Orange is the New Black start?

orange is the new black series six

Orange is the New Black season 6 is streaming now on Netflix,

Who are the new cast members?

Orange is the New Black season 6

Carol Denning played by Henny Russell (Bridge of Spies, Law & Order: SVU)

A warring sister who is part of a long-running cell rivalry in Litchfield Max, she has history with Frieda and has been in the prison for nearly 40 years. She rules her block with the help of Badison Murphy.

Badison Murphy played by Amanda Fuller (Grey's Anatomy, Last Man Standing) 

Madison - nicknamed Badison by her friends - is second in command to Carol in cell block D.

Barbara Denning played by Mackenzie Phillips (American Graffiti, Texas Ranger, ER)

Barb leads C-Block in a continuous war against her sister Carol. Her deputy is Daddy.

Daddy played by Vicci Martinez (Singer on The Voice)

A former high-end pimp who runs the C-Block drug-trade for Barbara.

Who is in the season six Orange is the New Black cast?

We can confirm that the following characters will definitely be returning for the new series of OINTB:

Taylor Schilling – Piper Chapman

Laura Preon – Alex Vause

Kate Mulgrew – Red

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Uzo Aruba – Suzanne/‘Crazy Eyes’

Danielle Brooks – Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson

orange is the new black series six

Tayn Manning – Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett

Adrienne C Moore – Cindy ‘Back Cindy’ Hayes

Dascha Polanco – Dayanara ‘Daya’ Diaz

Nick Sandow – Joe Caputo

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Yael Stone – Lorna Morello

Natasha Lyonne – Nicky Nichols

Lea DeLaria – Big Boo

What is series six about?

netflix series

Netflix's preview for season 6 reveals:

The ladies of Litchfield are back with iron wills and nothing to lose. In maximum security, friendships will be tested and new allegiances will be formed. Will they turn on each other or keep their bonds intact?

There was a major cliff-hanger at the end of series five. With the prison half-destroyed and the prisoners taking over in a full-blown riot, the series ended with 10 of Litchfield’s most popular inmates – including Piper, Alex and Nicky - being discovered in Frieda’s bunker by the CERT Officers. Meanwhile the remaining prisoners were carted off on buses to a new prison in an undisclosed location.

The site of the new prison remains unknown, but we can only predict the new mayhem, conflicts and complex new relationships it will spawn.

Is there a trailer for Orange is the New Black series 6?

Netflix published the following teaser which shows the destroyed Litchfield cafeteria, a prison bus driving off into the unknown and the voiceover declaring ‘This is a whole new world’.

The first full trailer has also been released, which gives a strong flavour for the divisions, dangers and conflicts that are coming in the new episodes.


Will there be a season 7?

Season 7 has already been confirmed, so the cliffhangers at the end of season 6 will get answers. Don't worry, we've still got plenty of time left with the Litchfield girls.

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