When is Insatiable released on Netflix? Who is in the cast? All you need to know

Discover more about one of the streaming service’s newest shows.

Netflix is about to launch another original show: teen series Insatiable.

It’s fair to say that the black comedy has been the subject of some controversy so far, thanks to its themes of revenge and accusations of fat-shaming.

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See for yourself what all the fuss is about now that Insatiable has started streaming.

When is Insatiable on Netflix?

You can catch the new series this August on Netflix after Insatiable was made available to watch on Friday, August 10.

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What is it about?

High school student Patty has been bullied, ignored and underestimated all of her life, apparently because of her weight.

But when she becomes thin, Patty is determined to get revenge on all of those people who wronged her.

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She enlists the help of a rather shady lawyer, Bob, whose main interest seems to be coaching beauty pageant contestants, although he is shunned by the pageant world for a previous scandal.

Bob eventually decides that Patty would make a good choice for a pageant queen, but as he begins to coach her, he has no idea how deep her rage goes and what she would do for revenge.

Who is in the cast?

Starring as Patty is Debby Ryan, who has previously appeared in TV series Sing It! and Jessie, as well as film Rip Tide.

Her lawyer, Bob Armstrong, is played by Dallas Roberts who has appeared in The Good Wife, The Walking Dead and The L Word, as well as films 3:10 to Yuma, Dallas Buyers Club, and Walk the Line.

Alyssa Milano plays Bob’s wife Coralee, who Patty takes a dislike to, especially as she grows closer to him herself. Alyssa is known for her work on Charmed, Mistresses and Melrose Place, and first shot to fame as teenager Samantha in 80s sitcom Who's the Boss?

Insatiable is available on Netflix.

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