When is The Innocents released on Netflix? Who is in the cast? All you need to know

Fantasy drama comes to Netflix in this teen series. What is The Innocents about and who stars in this supernatural love story?

The Innocents isn’t your average tale of star-crossed lovers – this one has a supernatural element to it that transforms it into a real thriller.

Netflix is about to start streaming the new British series, so we’ve rounded up all you need to know about the plot, cast and characters.

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When is The Innocents on TV?

The Innocents is an eight-part series of hour-long episodes that is about to launch its first season.

It begins streaming on Netflix from Friday, August 24.

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First reviews

Digital Spy

Say hello to your new favourite Netflix show," wrote Ian Sandwell in Digital Spy.

"It works because June's struggles as she navigates the perils of first love are relatable, even if her shapeshifter abilities take them to a whole new level.

The Hollywood Reporter

Perhaps the greatest pleasure of Netflix's new drama The Innocents is that although it's very much a YA romance, it's also proudly elusive. The first season of the series, created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric, is willing to let viewers go multiple episodes without a clue what's happening and essentially treats its full eight-episode run as the most preliminary of primers to its premise.

The Daily Dot

The Innocents is one of the best Netflix Originals to date, partly because it lacks the structural pitfalls of so many other streaming shows.

With its self-contained episodes, sweeping Northern European locations, and a moody score by composer Carly Paradis, this could easily be airing as a primetime BBC serial.


Teens, the show’s obvious intended audience, will relate to The Innocents high dudgeon, but adults will find a show that punches above its weight, defined by both its stirringly dramatic tone and the two charming performances at its center.

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What is The Innocents about?

Teenagers Henry and June are in love, but are both living with repressive families who are curbing their relationship.

They decide to run away and fend for themselves, but run into an unexpected problem when they discover that June possesses a strange ability – she can shape-shift, taking the form of other people or creatures at will.

When they meet mysterious professor Halvorson, he reveals that there are others like June who have also been hiding away their shape-shifting.

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He offers to help cure June and promises to put her back in touch with her mother, who had left the family three years earlier. But what is Halvorson’s motivation?

June and Henry are left with the choice to follow their dream of a simple life together or delve deeper into her shape-shifting abilities.

What the creators said

The show has been billed as doing for shapeshifting what Twilight did for vampires.

Speaking about the theme, writer Hania Elkington told the BBC: "Your body is changing, you're trying to figure out who you are. Some elements of your emerging personality or psyche might frighten you or feel disconnected from you, so it's about self-acceptance, it's about unconditional love for another person, and shapeshifting seemed a very good way to explore that."

Co-creator Simon Duric said: "Shapeshifting hadn't been explored, and I'm a bit of a genre hound, and I thought 'oh, there's a gap here'.

Who stars in The Innocents?

June is played by Sorcha Groundsell, who has previously appeared in TV series Clique and In Plain Sight.

Henry is played by Percelle Ascott, who has starred in the series Youngers and Wizards vs Aliens, and appeared in episodes of New Tricks, Doctors, and Casualty.

We’ll also see Guy Pearce as Halvorson. Pearce has appeared in films including Memento, The Hurt Locker, L.A. Confidential and The King’s Speech, but is still best remembered for his debut role as Mike in Australian soap Neighbours.

The Innocents is available on Netflix from Friday, August 24

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