Who is Queer Eye's Bobby Berk? The Fab Five interior design expert

Get to know the TV star and member of the rebooted Queer Eye team.

The revamped version of lifestyle makeover show Queer Eye is back for a second series on Netflix and we couldn’t be more excited.

Even better is the news that the Fab Five, who were recruited as brand new stars for the first series’ comeback, have all signed up to proffer their expert advice again.

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We take a closer look at Bobby Berk and his eye for interior design.

What is Bobby Berk’s role on Queer Eye?

Anyone coming to the Fab Five searching for a makeover knows that it isn’t just their personal appearance they need to brush up on – their entire life needs to look the part.

That’s where Bobby Berk’s know-how comes in, as he guides people through smartening up their homes to make their interiors every bit as polished as their new look.

What does Bobby Berk do outside of Queer Eye?

Interior design isn’t just a passing hobby for this member of the Fab Five – Bobby has a hugely successful interiors business, Bobby Berk Home.

The company trades online and also has bases in New York, Miami, Florida and Georgia.

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He later set up an interiors and design arm of the company which trades from Los Angeles, where he lives with his husband Dewey.

How does Bobby Berk think Queer Eye has changed?

The designer told Variety that it was important for viewers to learn more about the Fab Five’s lives this time around.

He said: “One of the things we wanted to bring that the original show wasn’t able to was a look into our lives. Back in 2003, it was groundbreaking and controversial at the same time for gays to be on TV, but it was accepted because they kind of stayed in their lane.

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“They were designers and hairdressers and cooks and it was kind of like ‘Oh that’s fine’, but to be husbands and fathers — that wasn’t.

“One of the things we wanted people to know is that we’re just like other people. Karamo is a dad who gets texts from his kids saying, ‘Where’s dinner?’ Just the fact that we’re just like everybody else is something we wanted people to see.”

Queer Eye season 2 will return to Netflix on Friday, June 15.

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