Fear TWD Mid-Season Finale – Mondays at 9pm on AMC on BT TV channel 332/381 HD and BT Sport pack subscribers on Sky Guide channel 192


Fear the Walking Dead Series Three has been a thrilling ride to say the least. We’ve seen the return of a central character, a completely unforeseen death of another central character and the family relocating to an eerie cult-like “Ranch” in the middle of nowhere.

Tensions will reach new heights and you’ll be left with a shocking cliffhanger for Fear the Walking Dead’s mid-season finale.

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Talking Dead: Fear Edition – Mondays at 10pm AMC on BT TV channel 332/381 HD and BT Sport pack subscribers on Sky Guide channel 192

Talking Dead

Comedian and zombie genre mega-fan Chris Hardwick hosts this Fear the Walking Dead companion show. Talking Dead: Fear Edition is a pre-recorded talk show, in which Chris recaps the latest episode, discusses key talking points, interviews the show’s stars and takes questions from the audience. Whether you’re a huge Fear fan or simply want to get greater insight into what all this zombie fuss is about, we highly recommend giving this one a go.

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Midnight Texas – SyFy BT channel 319/375 HD

Midnight Texas is a brand new sci-fi series, led by Niels Arden Oplev, the visionary director of "Mr. Robot," and it is based on the hit book series Charlaine Harris – who also wrote True Blood.

Set in a peculiar town in a remote spot of Texas, all is very far from what it originally seems. This sleepy town actually provides a safe haven for just about anyone who’s different. This includes clairvoyants, vampires and hit men.

As these quirky town residents fight off outside threats, such as nosy local policemen and rowdy biker gangs, they are forced to come together and form a strange yet strong family.

Idiotsitter – Comedy Central BT channel 307


American comedy hit Idiotsitter is coming to Comedy Central UK. Strapped for cash Billie takes a job for a rich family in LA, believing it to be as a live-in nanny. However, she quickly discovers that it’s a minder role for Gene, an immature wealthy grown woman who is currently under house arrest.

Premiering in America earlier this year, Idiotsitter has received good reviews from critics and audiences alike and has already been renewed for a second series.

Teen Mom UK – starts Wednesday 19th July 8pm on MTV BT channel 309/371 HD

In December we met the British teen moms, and learned of their trials and triumphs as they face raising a child in their teen years. A spin off of the incredibly popular American Teen Mom franchise, Teen Mom UK is back for its second series this month.

We will revisit the Teen Moms and see where they are now, how they’re coping and how life has changed since starring on this hit MTV show.

Nazi Megastructures - National Geographic BT channel 317/373 HD


Nazi Megastructures is back for its third series. During Hitler’s rule, he commissioned various megastructures designed to fortify and protect his newfound Empire.

This season historians will explore and examine Nazi Megastructures that include the Eagle’s Nest (Hitler’s entertainment lodge in the Alpine Mountains in Bavaria designed to entertain high ranking Nazis and dignitaries), the various Nazi forts built in the Channel Islands and many more.

John Torode's Korean Food Tour - Good Food BT channel 313/388 HD

Brand new to UKTV’s Good Food Channel is John Torode’s Korean Food Tour, who will be exploring some of the best local eats across South Korea.

John will show you how tofu is made, Korean BBQ at Korea’s answer to glamping, a group of Buddhist monks demonstrating how they create their favourite dishes and much more. Aiming to match the UK’s growing interest in Korean food, John Torode’s Korean Food Tour will introduce you to both traditional and contemporary Korean favourites.

Shark Week – Discovery – from 23rd July BT channel 322/376 HD


When we think of Discovery, it’s hard not for sharks to pop into our heads, all thanks to the channel’s insanely popular Shark Week – which has been running since 1988!

This year it will feature shows such as Jungle Sharks, which explores the terrifying abilities of the Bull Shark, who not only weigh 500lbs but can tolerate fresh water, allowing them to prey on creatures and territories most shark species never can.

Another highlight is Shark-Croc Showdown which explores what happens when sharks and crocodiles collide in Australian waters. Hint – it’s not good!

To find all of the shark infested shows featured on this year’s Shark Week, check out Discovery UK’s website.

Alone – History BT channel 327/379 HD

Survival reality show Alone is back for series four. This time it’s taking place in a remote North Vancouver (Canada) forest location, but with a twist. Instead of doing it truly alone, series four features seven pairs, each aiming to last as long as possible surviving together in the wilderness.

Whoever “taps out” last, wins a cash prize. While this may sound easy, bear in mind they are each equipped with only one survival pack and forced to survive the coarse Canadian weather completely unaided. This includes sourcing water, hunting for food and finding a safe place to camp - all without help, advice and few tools.

In the Dark – starts Tuesday 11th July at 9pm on BBC One


New to BBC One this July is the gritty police drama In the Dark. Exploring the Manchester criminal world, the show revolves around pregnant Detective Helen Weeks, who while preparing for motherhood is also heading two of her most challenging cases yet.

Both of these cases promise to be brutally personal for Helen, whose played by Twilight and Ripper Street star MyAnna Buring. One will see her investigate her former childhood home, while another will make her question who she can really trust in her private life. Promising to be realistic and gritty, big things are expected from this BBC One drama.

Outlander – Thursdays at 9pm on More4

Based on the bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander is a historical time travelling drama. Starring Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a married World War II nurse who is suddenly transported back in time to Scotland in 1743 at the height of the Jacobite risings.

As the show progresses, the mystery of why Claire is time travelling slowly unravels, and she’ll encounter various formidable and intriguing characters along the way. 

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