‘After Suzanne’s stumble, Ray is unstoppable’

Following an unfortunate exit for Suzanne, Karen Hyland doesn’t see anyone stopping Ray Quinn’s inevitable coronation as King of Dancing on Ice.

Well, then. Either this final series of Dancing on Ice is becoming painfully predictable (imagine!), or I need to start harnessing my psychic powers for more, er, philanthropic gain.

As I feared last week, Suzanne was next to skate off the show.

Bittersweet, as she’d just given her performance of the series to Black Velvet, channelling that saucy, seductive Suzanne that marries so well with the ice. As Jason told her: “You’re back in the race.” Er, for the Big Reunion 2015, perhaps.

It was great to see Sam dodge the skate-off after three weeks of facing the boot. I don’t know what he’d sprinkled on his pasta before last night’s ‘Happy’ routine, but I’d sure like a bit.

Determined to prove he knows how to have fun, Sam was already halfway there with a bright-red shirt and hat and snazzy braces.

It’s worth noting that for the first time, the remaining celebrities were all champions of a previous series."

But he also injected some personality welly into a technically tricky performance – Christopher Dean asserted it was the most difficult skating of last night’s episode.

So Sam really can skate, folks, and shame on you if you voted for him on the hoof.

His reprieve, of course, meant another celebrity would face the skate-off – step forward Kyran Bracken.

But as soon as the rugby hero pulled the worm out of his back pocket, it was a certain ‘Seeya Shaw’.

It’s worth noting that for the first time, the remaining celebrities were all champions of a previous series.

And the panel were judging them as such – loads of ‘got to be the full package’, ‘hit and miss’, ‘marry the technical and artistic’.

Beth is constantly reminded that the remaining acts are all actors and, bless her, is trying to add performance but, judging by the night’s routine – where she was dressed like a show-dog labradoodle – she has been watching Hayley Jazz-Hands episodes. On fast-forward.

I don’t think it’s too much to say that [Ray Quinn is] unbeatable. As Karen pointed out, he and partner Maria Filippov are now equals on the ice."

Kyran, whose performances I forget the second they’re over, appears to be sending viewers subliminal messages – a tight, silver top. Silver, silver… hhmmm.

Laugh of the night came as Hayley and Dan performed a heart-breaking piece to Sam Bailey’s Skyscraper.

Dan gave Hayley a piece of paper that wiped the smile from her face. What it said is anyone’s guess. Perhaps that Ray Quinn is joining Corrie and the Street’s not big enough for the both of them?

Whatever, I was watching from behind my hands as Pip Schofield motioned towards the note… we all know what happened the last time he brandished a leaf of A4 on live TV.

And so that brings us to Ray, who saved the best till last with another stunning performance to the delicate tones of Ed Sheeran. Bringing up his second 40 of the series, it reduced Karen to tears – well, one assumes that was the reason. Perhaps Jason had pulled a moonie on her.

I don’t think it’s too much to say that he’s unbeatable. As Karen pointed out, Ray and his partner Maria Filippov are now equals on the ice. He’s different gravy to the remaining celebs – even Hayley.

Who really thought for one second that Team Hayley (the girls) stood a chance against Team Ray (the boys) last night?

With such predictability, DoI is in danger of limping rather than head-banging its way to the final.

Karen Hyland is ditching #winning in favour of #raying – they’re one and the same…

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