There’s family-sized fun with season two of OutDaughtered

Every surface is covered in toddlers as we catch up with the Busby babes, a bouncy brood of record-breaking quintuplets.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the latest breakout from the playpen or bid to scale a sideboard as Danielle and Adam Busby attempt crowd control with their mischievous brood in OutDaughtered.

The Busbys became the first US couple to produce five girls in one go, to add to existing daughter, five-year-old Blayke. And after the rollercoaster ride of their early months we now join the gang crawling, climbing, tottering about on two legs and finding fun things to do with solid food.

It’s a non-stop, military-style operation of mealtimes, nappy-changes, baths, boo-hoos, shopping expeditions and sheer stickiness that’ll have you laughing, crying and feeling rather exhausted!

Catch OutDaughtered Mondays at 9pm on TLC, BT channel number 323.

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