10 incredible facts about how Shaun the Sheep became a movie star

Shaun the Sheep’s big-screen outing arrives in the BT Store this week. Before you watch the rollicking good romp, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Shaun the Sheep the Movie.

Did you know that it takes an animator a whole day to just film 2 seconds of the movie and they used over 80m of fleece to create Shaun’s flock? Aardman Animations reveal the secrets behind the family favourite.

Shaun the Sheep the Movie landed in cinemas earlier this, 15 years after the fluffy family favourite first appeared on TV screens in Wallace & Gromit’s A Close Shave.

After landing his own CBBC series in 2007, which is now broadcast in over 180 countries, Shaun and his flock dipped their toes into Hollywood with a rollicking good romp that won rave reviews from critics and fans.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet, it arrives for BT TV customers in the BT Store this week and we’ve also been granted special access to the incredible team at Aardman Animations to find out all the behind-the-scenes secrets from the movie.

Shaun the Sheep The Movie

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10 incredible Shaun the Sheep the Movie Facts

There are actually 21 Shaun puppets. It takes more than 10 days to make a 17cm tall Shaun from scratch

It takes 45 minutes to re-fleece just one sheep; there were 116 sheep created in the film.

It took some serious levels of patience and perseverance to get this film made. It takes an animator a whole day to make just two seconds of animation for the movie and there were only 17 animators working on the film.

Over 80 metres of fleece were used to create Shaun’s flock

Shaun the Sheep behind the scenes

To stop the puppets ‘boiling’ on set, the production team had to spray them with diluted PVA glue to keep them stiff.

8 catering-size tubs of kids’ sweets were eaten by the edit team working on the production. Let’s hope they all brush their teeth.

Shaun the Sheep behind the scenes

1,000 eyes were made for the film, 2,500 ball and socket joints were used and 3,000 mouth replacements were created.

In total there were 79, 237 storyboards drawn, 549,777 frames were taken to make the film, which means there were 5.5 billion pixels in total.

Shaun the Sheep behind the scenes

With a total crew of 200 people, the film’s pre-production and production period took a year and 10 months.

Shaun the Sheep’s favourite food is pizza and he loves cowboy movie.

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