10 surprising but true facts about Marcia Clark

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In 1995 Marcia Clark went from a humble Los Angeles public defender to one of the most scrutinised women in the world – thanks to her part in the infamous OJ Simpson murder case.

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Serving as a lead prosecutor, Marcia was vilified by the press and suffered the humiliation of Simpson being found non guilty by all counts.

She shot back into the public eye in 2016 after the hit show American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson detailed her role in the case.

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Now reinvented as a crime novelist and television host, she is hosting her very own Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48 series on CI, which explores the true story behind some of the most scandalous crimes of recent memories.

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But just who is Marcia Clark? Get to know more about this remarkable woman with these 10 fascinating facts:

She wanted to be an actress…

Marcia is a Californian native born in Alameda, California and was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family. Her Israeli father Abraham worked for the US's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which meant they moved several times across the US, including her home state, New York and Michigan. Marcia has talked about how growing up she dreamed of making it big in Hollywood as an actress. However, she attended UCLA - earning a bachelor of arts in political science and going to receive a Juris Doctor degree at Southwestern university School of Law.

…But turned to law for a heartbreaking reason

Why the big career move? Tragically, Marcia revealed during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that as a 17-year-old she was raped while on holiday in Eilat, Israel. She described how the harrowing ordeal destroyed her self-confidence and also propelled her to switch to a legal justice career route.

She’s a bestselling novelist

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Clark resigned from the District Attorney’s Office in 1997 after the OJ Simpson trial and reinvented herself as a writer. She initially signed a $4.5 million deal to co-write the best-selling non-fiction account of her experience on the Simpson trial, Without a Doubt. To date she has written two novel series (The Samantha Brickman Series and The Rachel Knight Series) and two collections of short stories.

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She really did suffer abuse for her hairstyle

In American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson, Marcia’s physical appearance was ruthlessly criticised and mocked during the trial - and this was historically accurate.

Marcia was mercilessly ridiculed by the press. In retaliation, she got a new hairstyle - a perm specifically - which unfortunately was again mocked. Malicious tabloid front-cover headlines included ‘Curls of Horror’ (National Enquirer), ‘Marcia Hair Verdict: Guilty’ (Globe) and ‘Hair-Raising Salon Disaster’ (Star).

She appears to have had extensive cosmetic surgery

While Marcia doesn’t seem to have spoken about her physical transformation publicly, it is clear that she has had extensive cosmetic work. She appears to have had rhinoplasty and facial injectables. Also gone is her perm, which has been replaced by a dark brown straight bob.

She did have a relationship with Christopher Darden

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As suggested in the hit series American Crime Story: The people v OJ Simpson, Marcia did indeed have a close relationship with her co-worker and Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden during the infamous trial. However, both have been very reluctant to reveal too many details.

In Darden’s own book chronicling the trial In Contempt, he coyly wrote: "She and I were two passionate people thrown together in a trial that left us exhausted and lonely. She was willing to take off her jewelry and go to jail with me over a ridiculous contempt ruling. I was willing to be at her side during her child custody deposition. We sat up listening to hip-hop and R&B. We danced a few times and drank a few bottles of wine. In my mind, that is a relationship.”

She now lives in Kardashian territory

The Kardashians' original claim to fame was that their late father Robert Kardashian served as a fefence attorney for OJ Simpson and was also a personal friend to the American football star. His divorced wife, Kris Kardashian, was even down as a potential witness in the prosecution team. You may think after this infamous trial Marcia would want to stay away from the Kardashians, but apparently not, as she resides in Calabasas - the Los Angeles suburb which the Kardashian family has resided in for decades.

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She was a single mother

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Marcia’s life changed forever when she agreed to partake in the O.J. trial. Incredibly long hours, ruthless media criticism and of course a humiliating outcome – and this was all while Marcia was struggling as a single mother to two young children. And her divorce proceedings were also coinciding with the trial, which included a bitter custody battle. However, she did not lose custody of her two sons Travis and Trevor Clark and she continued to raise them as a single mother.

She battled depression post OJ’s murder trial

In her previously mentioned interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Marcia admitted to struggling with depression post the OJ Simpson murder case and soought therapy but never took medication.

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There was some form of depression going on," she says. "But I wasn't aware of it at the time. I was very torn up. Everything I believed in was shredded."

She has bumped into OJ Simpson since

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She recollected the juicy incident to The Hollywood Reporter, explaining that she covered OJ Simpson’s armed robbery trial (for which he was found guilty for and only recently released from prison for) for Entertainment Tonight. The two crossed paths at the courthouse café:

“He was walking toward his area of the cafeteria, which was kind of cordoned off for him," she recalls. "And as he passed by, he looked at me and said, 'Ms Clark.' And I said, 'Mr Simpson.' That's it."

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