13 Reasons Why series two: When does it start? What is it about? Who’s in the cast?

Watch the trailer, find out the air date and more about the popular and controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why…

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains series one spoilers

It might have seemed like it was all over at the end of the polarising first series of 13 Reasons Why with the suicide of main character Hannah Baker – but as one of Netflix's most successful series of all time, it is returning for its second series.

As with series one, series two will feature 13 episodes and all episodes will be released this month. Watch the trailer, find out who is returning and what’s going to happen…

13 Reasons Why season one summary

13 reasons why

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix Original series based on The New York Times bestseller of the same name written by Jay Asher and first published in 2007.

Series one of 13 Reasons Why gained both praise and criticism for its graphic portrayal of teen suicide and rape. The series begins with American high schooler Clay Jensen receiving a box of cassette tapes from his former co-worker and classmate Hannah Baker who had recently taken her own life.

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The tapes come with clear instructions: each tape will detail a new reason why she was driven to suicide, and whoever receives the tapes is responsible for one of the reasons. After each one finishes the tape, they must pass the box to the next person or separate tapes which contain dark secrets will be released.

As the high schoolers work through the cassettes, each tape reveals a disturbing personal connection to Hannah and how they each played a crucial role in her tragic action. From bullying to sexual assault to blackmail, these students are far from perfect and were all at one point unforgivably cruel to Hannah Baker. Hannah's parents eventually take matters into their hands and sue the High School for their daughter’s tragic demise.

What is season two about?

13 reasons why

Series two will deal with the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide and the revelations in the tapes. As Liberty High goes on trial, the people mentioned in the tapes will be forced to take the stand and must attempt to deny their direct involvement in her bullying and untimely death.

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Instead of cassettes, this series focuses on another form of technology that leak new information about the students’ involvement – Polaroid photographs. As the Polaroids are gradually unveiled, new clues will expose fresh conspiracies and even a potential cover-up.

Netflix has already posted the following season two clues:

Watch the 13 Reasons Why series two trailer

Addressing the controversy

13 Reasons Why was one of Google’s top trending television series of 2017, but it has also come under fire for its graphic depiction of suicide and online searches for suicide methods skyrocketed the month the first series was released.

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Netflix thirteen reasons why series two

This time around, Netflix is taking deliberate precautions and has created the resource 13ReasonsWhy.info which offers free resources for people experiencing suicidal thoughts. An updated Discussion Guide is also available and a new video series by cast-members discussing some of the series controversial issues covered – which include bullying, drug abuse and sexual assault - will be released alongside the new series.

Who is returning for the second series?


Many of the original cast will be returning, including Dylan Minnette as Clay, Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley, Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis and potentially even Brandon Larracuente as Jeff Atkins. Netflix has also confirmed that Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) will be returning in flashbacks.

Who is joining the cast?


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There will be at least 11 newcomers joining the original cast:

Bryce Cass – a troublemaker named Cyrus

Chelsea Alden – Cyrus’ artistic sister Mackenzie

Allison Miller – A litigator named Sonya

Samantha Logan – a sports star called Nina

Anna Winters – head cheerleader Chloe

Kelli O’Hara – Jackie, an anti-bullying advocate

Ben Lawson – Rick the high school coach

Brenda Strong – Bryce’s mom and Barry’s wife Nora

Jake Weber – Bryce’s Dad Barry Walker

Meredith Monroe – Alex’s mom Carolyn

R.J. Brown – Caleb, Tony’s boxing coach

When does series two of 13 Reasons Why start?

All 13 episodes of series two of 13 Reasons Why will be available to stream on Netflix from May 18, 2018.

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