3 of the best new daring dramas on BT TV Store

Nail-biting, moving, gripping or high-octane; however you like your dramas, we’ve got a film for you. Here are 3 new releases on BT TV Store to get stuck into.

Last updated: 16 February 2017 - 11.08am

Who says you need a Couch to 5k running programme to get your heart racing? Put your feet up and steel your nerves as some of the most dramatic new films around arrive on BT TV Store. Here are three of the best…

I, Daniel Blake

Is there something in your eye, or have you been watching Ken Loach’s impassioned critique of the welfare system? Newcastle carpenter Daniel Blake is told by his doctor not to return to work following a heart attack. When the 59-year-old’s sickness benefits are arbitrarily stopped, he’s forced onto the dole. At the job centre, he meets Katie, a struggling single mother. The two form an unlikely partnership as Daniel attempts to appeal the verdict stopping his benefits and Katie fights to feed her family. Both critically acclaimed and a box office hit, the film is underpinned by understated and moving performances from the relatively unknown leads. Available to buy on BT TV Store

The Girl On The Train

A barnstorming turn by Emily Blunt is at the heart of this gripping thriller about Rachel, an alcoholic divorcee who gets embroiled in a missing persons investigation after stalking her ex-husband Tom and his new family. Adapted from the best-selling book, the movie’s plot twists and shifts as fantasies, lies and false memories keep Rachel and detective Allison Janney (The West Wing, Juno) guessing. How is Tom connected to his new neighbours, Scott and Megan, and do they really have a perfect marriage? And what really happened between Rachel and Tom’s boss? There’s only one way to find out… Available to buy or rent now on BT TV Store

The Infiltrator

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar seems to be flavour of the month with directors working on both the big and small screens. The latest shot in the arm for their obsession is this suspense-filled, violent narco-drama starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. It’s based on the autobiography of US Customs special agent Robert Mazur, who went undercover as a corrupt businessman to expose the money-laundering activities of Escobar’s cartel. The complicated sting could bring down 85 drug barons and corrupt bankers, but one slip could cost Robert his life. Cranston excels as the fast-talking agent trying to hold his nerve while cosying up to Escobar’s lieutenant, a suave Benjamin Bratt. Available to buy or rent now on BT TV Store

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